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Coventry 1979

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Date: 12 August 1979

Made by: David Miller


E-425                   Hunter                  Ex RDAF.   Midland Air Museum.
G-BAKR                  Jodel D.117
67-14625                OV-10A                  USAF

G-AVOF                  BAC  1-11               British Airways
XX176                   Hawk T.1                4 FTS
WF791                   Meteor T.7              Vintage Pair
XH304                   Vampire T.11            Vintage Pair
JY-RJG                  Pitts Special           Jordanian Falcons
JY-RJH                  Pitts Special           Jordanian Falcons
485784/G-BEDF      	Boeing B-17G   
XW222         DF       	Puma HC.1               230 OCU
XX754         23       	Jaguar  GR.1            226 OCU
PA474                   Lancaster               BoBMF
PS853                   Spitfire Pr19           BoBMF
PZ865                   Hurricane               BoBMF
322612/N3710G      	A-26c        
XV213                   Hercules C1             LTW           Falcons Parachute Team
XV228                   Nimrod MR.1             St.Mawgan Wing
XV488         R         Phantom FGR 2         	228 OCU
XZ133         A         Harrier GR.3            223 OCU
XW352         R         Jet Provost T5B		6 FTS
77-0232       WR      	A-10A                   USAF
G-BAKF                 	Jet Ranger              Pleasure Flights
G-BAKS                 	Jet Ranger              Pleasure Flights

Support Aircraft:
XV762         G         Harrier GR.3            223 OCU
XX244                   Hawk T.1                4 FTS
XW304         X         Jet Provost T5A         6 FTS
67-14621                OV-10A                  USAF
VP977                   Devon C.2               BoBMF
JY-AFK                  Seneca II               Jordanian Falcons

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