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Chivenor 1993

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Date: 28 July 1993

Made by: Scramble, David Robins

Updated: 4 September 2001

BD09                  Mirage 5BD   	42sm        
E-191                 F-16A             Esk730      
ET-206                F-16B             Esk730      
E148/8-NJ             Alpha Jet E       EC2/8       
J-259                 F-16B             323sq       
XT280                 BuccaneerS2B      12sq        
XX544/01              Bulldog T1        London UAS  
XX396/N		      Gazelle HT3	RAFEFlt
XX263                 Hawk T1A          19(R)sq        
XX329/C               Hawk T1A          92(R)sq        
XX316/DF              Hawk T1A          234(R)sq       
ZJ100                 Hawk 102          BAe Warton  
XV210                 Hercules C1P      LTW         
XW790                 HS125 CC1         32sq        
WV318                 Hunter T7B        12sq        
XZ103/P               Jaguar GR1A       16sq        
XW429/C               J.ProvostT5B      6FTS        
XX497/E               Jetstream T1      45(R)sq     
XV248                 Nimrod MR2P       Kinloss Wing
ZG709/I               Tornado GR1A      13sq        
ZE858/GO              Tornado F3        43sq        
ZF405                 Tucano T1         6FTS        
ZF343                 Tucano T1         CFS         
ZH269                 Vigilant T1       624VGS      
XS679/WG              Wessex HC2        2FTS        
Between hangars:                             
XX320                 Hawk T1           19(R)sq        
XX179/E               Hawk T1           92(R)sq        
Hangar B:                                    
XX313                 Hawk T1           19(R)sq        
Hangar D:                                    
XX178/M               Hawk T1           92(R)sq        
Hangar G:                                    
XX201/N, XX204/H      Hawk T1A          92(R)sq        
XX301/L               Hawk T1A          92(R)sq        
XX257                 Hawk T1           ABDR        
Hangar H:                                    
XX158, XX217, XX219   Hawk T1A          19(R)sq        
XX321, XX326, XX346   Hawk T1A          19(R)sq        
XX205/V, XX332/F      Hawk T1A          92(R)sq        
XX337/K               Hawk T1A          92(R)sq        
XX175                 Hawk T1           19(R)sq          
22sq hangar:                                 
XR501, XR518, XV729   Wessex HC2        22sq        
XD186		      Whirlwind HAR10	preserved
Runway 16/34:                                
E83/8-NG              Alpha Jet E       EC2/8       
XV864                 BuccaneerS2B      208sq       
XX698		      Bulldog T1	CFS
ZA705/EG              Chinook HC1       7sq         
VP981		      Devon C2		BoBMF
ZD322/A, ZD347/K      Harrier GR7       20(R)sq        
XX225                 Hawk T1           19(R)sq        
XX292/R               Hawk T1           92(R)sq        
XX230, XX256, XX278   Hawk T1A          19(R)sq        
XX282, XX289, XX352   Hawk T1A          19(R)sq        
XX157/B, XX281/O      Hawk T1A          92(R)sq
XX322/W      	      Hawk T1A          92(R)sq        
XX330/D, XX335/I      Hawk T1A          92(R)sq        
XX116                 Jaguar GR1A       16sq        
ZD258/322             Lynx HAS3         815sq  
XV260		      Nimrod MR2P	Kinloss MRW     
XW199                 Puma HC1          33sq        
ZA373/H, ZA405/Y      Tornado GR1A	2sq
ZE839/AR, ZG796/AV    Tornado F3        56(R)sq     
ZF380, ZF406          Tucano T1         CFS    
P7350/YT-F	      Spitfire IIa	BoBMF
WB271/R-204	      Firefly AS5	RNHF
And the Red Arrows with the following Hawk T1/T1As:
XX233, XX237, XX252, XX253, XX260, XX264, XX266,
XX294, XX306, XX308     

Runway 05/22:
021/1, 022/2, 023/3   Extra 300    	Los Halcones    
027/4, 025/5, 024/6   Extra 300         Los Halcones    
MM54480/0, MM54479/1  MB339A            Frecce Tricolori
MM54475/3, MM54473/4  MB339A            Frecce Tricolori
MM54482/5, MM54478/7  MB339A            Frecce Tricolori
MM54445/8, MM54477/9  MB339A            Frecce Tricolori
MM54485/10,MM54484/11 MB339A            Frecce Tricolori

Far side:
XX338                 Hawk T1      	19(R)sq
XX167/Q, XX299/J      Hawk T1           92(R)sq
XX311/T               Hawk T1           92(R)sq
XX246, XX254, XX345   Hawk T1A          19(R)sq
XX202/P, XX287/S      Hawk T1A          92(R)sq
XX265/U               Hawk T1A          92(R)sq

XF509		      Hunter F6A	preserved gate

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