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Southend 1999

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Date: 30 May 1999

Made by: Gary Donnison, Phillip Camp, Damien Burke


Tornado GR.1s, RAF
The participants of the airshow could be photographed at Rochford airport, where a photobus allowed spectators to get close to the aircraft. No 15 Sqn showed up with two of its Tornados: ZA322/TAC and ZA360/TC.

Photo Gary Parsons

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

ZH801/731      Sea Harrier FA2       899 Sqn FAA 
ZD433/45       Harrier GR.7          No unit marks 
ZA322/TAC      Tornado GR.1          15 Sqn 
ZA360/TC       Tornado GR.1          15 Sqn 
ZE255/AY       Tornado F-3           56 Sqn 
ZE294/AS       Tornado F-3           No unit marks 
XX838          Jaguar T.2            No unit marks 
XZ381          Jaguar GR.1           16 Sqn 
ZD272/H        Lynx AH.7             AAC 
XZ334          Gazelle AH.1          AAC 
XZ349          Gazelle AH.1          AAC 
ZA777          Gazelle AH.1          AAC 
ZB673          Gazelle AH.1          AAC 
ZF124/L        Sea King HC.4         FAA 
PA474          Lancaster             BoBMF 
AB910          Spitfire              BoBMF 
LF363          Hurricane             BoBMF 

XV236          Nimrod MR.2 
+ Yak formation team "The Aerostars" 
+ OFMC's Breitling Fighters: Buchon, Corsair, P-40 (SEAC colours) and P-51. 

On field: 
XL426          Vulcan B.2            G-VJET 
7T-WIV         IL-76                 Algerian Air Force 

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