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Finningley 1988

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Date: 17 September 1988

Made by: David Eade, Ian Old

Updated: 3 November 2002

XS792		ANDOVER CC2		32 SQN                
XS640	        ANDOVER E3		115 SQN               
XT271	        BUCCANNER S2A		237 OCU               
XX532/J	        BULLDOG T1	        YORKS UAS	
XX619/B	        BULLDOG T1	        YORKS UAS	
XX620/C	        BULLDOG T1	        YORKS UAS	
XX622/E	        BULLDOG T1	        YORKS UAS	
XX624/G	        BULLDOG T1	        YORKS UAS	
XX690/A	        BULLDOG T1	        YORKS UAS	
XX693/11        BULLDOG T1	        CFS SCAMPTON	
WJ633/EF        CANBERRA T17	        360 SQN	    
WD390/68        CHIPMUNK T10	        9 AEF	    
'VP955'	        DEVON C2	        PRIVATE     
VP981	        DEVON C2	        BBMF        
XS711/L	        DOMINE T1	        6 FTS	    
XS712/A	        DOMINE T1	        6 FTS	    
XS714/P	        DOMINE T1	        6 FTS	    
XS734/N	        DOMINE T1	        6 FTS	    
XS739/F	        DOMINE T1	        6 FTS	    
AT160	        DRAKEN SK-35XD	        ESK 725 DAF     
70-2362/LN      F.111F			495 TFS/48 TFW	           
70-2363/LN      F.111F			495 TFS/48 TFW	           
80-0019/BT      F.15C EAGLE		22 TFS/36 TFW	   
E200	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	ESK 720 DAF   
FA78	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	31 SM BAF     
J213	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	323 SQN KLU   
J259	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	323 SQN KLU   
ET210	        F.16B FIGHTING FALCON	ESK 727 DAF   
ET615	        F.16B FIGHTING FALCON	ESK 727 DAF   
XZ344	        GAZELLE AH1		AAC                   
XW910/K	        GAZELLE HT3		2 FTS
'L8032'	        GLADIATOR		PRIVATE               
'XS101'	        GNAT T1			PRIVATE                       
XV741/I	        HARRIER GR3		233 OCU	             
XV783/N	        HARRIER GR3		233 OCU	             
'ZD472'/01      HARRIER GR5		RAF EXHIB. FLT.	  
ZB600/Z         HARRIER T4A		223 OCU	            
XX176	        HAWK T1			4 FTS                         
XX283/Z		HAWK T1A		2 TWU                        
XX325/X	        HAWK T1A		2 TWU	                    
XX335/I	        HAWK T1A		2 TWU/151 SQN            
XV200/200       HERCULES C1P		LTW	                  
'K5414'	        HIND			PRIVATE                              
XW750	        HS748			MOD(PE)                              
PZ865	        HURRICANE 2		BBMF                         
XX720/EN        JAGUAR GR1A	        6 SQN	           
XW287/P	        JET PROVOST T5	        6 FTS	           
XW293/Z	        JET PROVOST T5	        6 FTS	           
XW306/Y	        JET PROVOST T5	        6 FTS	           
XW298/O	        JET PROVOST T5A	        6 FTS	           
XW304/X	        JET PROVOST T5A	        6 FTS	           
XW323/44        JET PROVOST T5A	        RAFC	           
XW352/R	        JET PROVOST T5A	        6 FTS	           
XW368/L	        JET PROVOST T5A	        6 FTS	           
XW405/J	        JET PROVOST T5A	        6 FTS	           
XX492/A	        JETSTREAM T1	        6 FTS	           
XX493/L	        JETSTREAM T1	        6 FTS	           
XX494	        JETSTREAM T1	        6 FTS	           
XX496/D	        JETSTREAM T1	        6 FTS	            
XX497/E	        JETSTREAM T1	        6 FTS	            
XX498/F	        JETSTREAM T1	        6 FTS	            
XX499/G	        JETSTREAM T1	        6 FTS	            
XX500/H	        JETSTREAM T1	        6 FTS	            
56-3641	        KC135E			117 ARS                              
'V9281'	        LYSANDER 2		PRIVATE                      
'P6382'	        MAGISTER		PRIVATE                      
RR299	        MOSQUIO T3		BAE                          
XV246	        NIMROD MR2		KINLOSS WING                 
ZE351/I	        PHANTOM F4J(UK)	        74 SQN	        
XV393/CA	PHANTOM FGR2	        228 OCU/64 SQN	
XV499/CF        PHANTOM FGR2	        228 OCU/64 SQN	
TF956	        SEA FURY FB11	        RN HIST FLT       
XZ594	        SEA KING HAR 3	        202 SQN           
ZE368	        SEA KING HAR 3	        202 SQN           
WR963/963       SHACKLETON AEW2	        8 SQN	  
PM631	        SPITFIRE PR19	        BBMF              
LS326/L2        SWORDFISH 2	        RN HIST FLT	
ZE251	        TORNADO F3	        229 OCU/65 (R) SQN
ZE253/AB        TORNADO F3T	        229 OCU/65 (R) SQN
ZA446/F	        TORNADO GR1	        15 SQN	        
ZA561/02        TORNADO GR1	        27 SQN	        
ZA585/G         TORNADO GR1	        617 SQN	        
80-1086	        TR.1A		        17 RW             
XV101/101       VC10 C1		        10 SQN
ZA141	        VC10 K2		        101 SQN	B         
XH671	        VICTOR K2	        55 SQN            
XH558	        VULCAN B2	        VDF               
XR520	        WESSEX HC2	        22 SQN            
'XJ729'	        WHIRLWIND HAR 10	8732M     
'XP404'	        WHIRLWIND HAR 10	8682M     

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