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Marham 1993

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Date: 30 March 1993

Made by: Clive Wells


Flypast only:
XX519		Bulldog T.1		HQUAS     
XX520	2	Bulldog T.1	        CFS       
XX539	1	Bulldog T.1	        CFS       
XX632	D	Chinook HC.1	        18 SQN    
ZA673	BF	Chinook HC.1	        7 SQN     
WD289	N	Chipmunk T.1	        EFTS      
WG479	K	Chipmunk T.1	        EFTS      
WG480	D	Chipmunk T.1	        EFTS      
WK640	C	Chipmunk T.1	        EFTS      
ZA708	EK	Chipmunk T.1	        EFTS      
XW858	O	Gazelle HT.3	        2 FTS     
XW866	E	Gazelle HT.3	        2 FTS     
XV193		Hercules C.3P	        LTW       
XV193		Hercules C.3P	        LTW       
XV195		Hercules C.1P	        LTW       
XV195		Hercules C.1P	        LTW       
XV199		Hercules C.3P	        LTW       
XV199		Hercules C.3P	        LTW       
XV220		Hercules C.3P	        LTW       
XV220		Hercules C.3P	        LTW       
XV296		Hercules C.1K	        LTW       
XV296		Hercules C.1K	        LTW       
XW206		Hercules C.3P	        LTW       
ZA938		Hercules C.3P	        LTW       
XR517	WF	Wessex HC.2	        60 SQN    
XR525	N	Wessex HC.2	        60 SQN    
XS676	ED	Wessex HC.2	        2 FTS     
XT601	G	Wessex HC.2	        22 SQN    
XT603	WJ	Wessex HC.2	        2 FTS     
XZ101	GF	Jaguar GR.1A	        No Marks  
XZ103		Jaguar GR.1A	        41 SQN    
XZ109	J	Jaguar GR.1A	        6 SQN     
XZ355	N	Jaguar GR.1A	        41 SQN    
XZ360	P	Jaguar GR.1A	        41 SQN    
XZ372	EN	Jaguar GR.1A	        6 SQN     
XZ373	34	Jaguar GR.1A	        54 SQN    
XM378	40	Jet Provost T.1	        1 FTS     
XM424	76	Jet Provost T.1	        1 FTS     
XN510		Jet Provost T.1	        1 FTS     
XW319	82	Jet Provost T.1	        1 FTS     
XW330	C	Jet Provost T.1	        1 FTS     
ZA367		Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN   
ZA368	AJ-Y	Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN   
ZA371	E	Tornado GR.1	        2 SQN     
ZA372	AB	Tornado GR.1	        9 SQN     
ZA450	JG	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN    
ZA460	JK	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN    
ZA474	JL	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN    
ZA475	S	Tornado GR.1	        27 SQN    
ZA548	TR	Tornado GR.1	        15(R) SQN 
ZA549	JC	Tornado GR.1	        15(R) SQN 
ZA598	AJ-P	Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN   
ZD714	G	Tornado GR.1	        13 SQN    
ZD746	AP	Tornado GR.1	        9 SQN     
ZG713	L	Tornado GR.1	        13 SQN    
ZG727	Z	Tornado GR.1	        13 SQN    
ZG752	TQ	Tornado GR.1	        13 SQN    
XS639		Andover E.3A	        32 SQN    
ZF202		Tucano T.1	        3 FTS     
ZF265		Tucano T.1	        3 FTS     
ZF267		Tucano T.1	        3 FTS     
ZF317		Tucano T.1	        3 FTS     
ZF378		Tucano T.1	        3 FTS     
ZF415		Tucano T.1	        3 FTS     
XX157	B	Hawk T.1A	        92(R) SQN 
XX159	PA	Hawk T.1A	        CFS       
XX161	2	Hawk T.1	        CFS       
XX163	PH	Hawk T.1	        CFS       
XX165	TM	Hawk T.1	        74(R) SQN 
XX171	TK	Hawk T.1	        74(R) SQN 
XX176		Hawk T.1	        10 SQN    
XX183		Hawk T.1	        92(R) SQN 
XX189	TB	Hawk T.1A	        74(R) SQN 
XX189	TB	Hawk T.1A	        74(R) SQN 
XX191	DT	Hawk T.1A	        234(R) SQN
XX194	TI	Hawk T.1A	        74(R) SQN 
XX199	TI	Hawk T.1A	        74(R) SQN 
XX200	DD	Hawk T.1A	        234(R) SQN
XX218	DF	Hawk T.1A	        234(R) SQN
XX221	DG	Hawk T.1A	        234(R) SQN
XX222	TJ	Hawk T.1A	        74(R) SQN 
XX222	TJ	Hawk T.1A	        74(R) SQN 
XX225		Hawk T.1	        19(R) SQN 
XX227		Hawk T.1A	        Red Arrows
XX228	CC	Hawk T.1	        100 SQN   
XX233		Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows
XX244	DW	Hawk T.1	        234(R) SQN
XX249	DY	Hawk T.1	        234(R) SQN
XX252		Hawk T.1A		Red Arrows
XX253		Hawk T.1A	        Red Arrows
XX256		Hawk T.1A	        19(R) SQN 
XX260		Hawk T.1A	        Red Arrows
XX264		Hawk T.1A	        Red Arrows
XX266		Hawk T.1A	        Red Arrows
XX280	DJ	Hawk T.1A	        234(R) SQN
XX295		Hawk T.1	        6 FTS     
XX296	TR	Hawk T.1	        74(R) SQN 
XX303	PF	Hawk T.1A	        CFS       
XX306		Hawk T.1A	        Red Arrows
XX308		Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows
XX310	TN	Hawk T.1	        74(R) SQN 
XX311	T	Hawk T.1	        92(R) SQN 
XX322	W	Hawk T.1A	        92(R) SQN 
XX323	TD	Hawk T.1A	        74(R) SQN 
XX331	CK	Hawk T.1A	        100 SQN   
XX348	DN	Hawk T.1A	        234(R) SQN
XX349	TL	Hawk T.1	        74(R) SQN 
XX350	TC	Hawk T.1A	        74(R) SQN 
XX350	TC	Hawk T.1A	        74(R) SQN 
XX352		Hawk T.1A	        19(R) SQN 
ZD953		Tristar KC.1	        216 SQN   
XR808		VC-10 C.1	        10 SQN    
ZA150	J	VC-10 K.3	        101 SQN   
ZH101	01	Sentry AEW.1	        8 SQN     
XV333		Buccaneer S.2B	        208 SQN   
XV361		Buccaneer S.2B	        208 SQN   
XX893		Buccaneer S.2B	        208 SQN   
WV318	A	Hunter T.7B	        12 SQN    
XL568	C	Hunter T.7A	        208 SQN   
XL616	D	Hunter T.7	        12 SQN    
ZD345	J	Harrier GR.5	        20(R) SQN 
ZD354	5C	Harrier GR.5	        20(R) SQN 
ZD431	02	Harrier GR.7	        1 SQN     
ZD438	03	Harrier GR.7	        1 SQN     
ZD437	05	Harrier GR.7	        1 SQN     
ZD464	10	Harrier GR.7	        1 SQN     

Alpha dispersal:
ZA370	A	Tornado GR.1		2 SQN    
ZA453	JD	Tornado GR.1	        17 SQN   
ZA459	AJ-G	Tornado GR.1	        617 SQN  
ZA594	TU	Tornado GR.1	        15(R) SQN
ZD895	BF	Tornado GR.1	        14 SQN   
ZE160	EX	Tornado F.3	        23 SQN   
ZE339	FO	Tornado F.3	        25 SQN   
ZE809	HP	Tornado F.3	        111 SQN  
ZE964	DY	Tornado F.3	        11 SQN   
ZG775	CC	Tornado GR.1	        17 SQN   
ZG791	DC	Tornado F.3	        31 SQN   
ZG793	CY	Tornado F.3	        5 SQN    
ZH553	BY	Tornado F.3	        29 SQN   
ZH554	GJ	Tornado F.3	        43 SQN   
ZH556	AK	Tornado F.3	        56(R) SQN
Bravo dispersal:
XS605		Andover E.3		115 SQN     
ZE700		BAe146 CC.2	        Queens Fight
WJ630	ED	Canberra T.1	        360 SQN     
XH131	AF	Canberra PR.9	        39 SQN      
ZA679	EZ	Chinook HC.1	        7 SQN       
XW870	F	Gazelle HT.3	        2 FTS       
XZ935		Gazelle HT.3	        32 SQN      
XV213		Hercules C.1K	        LTW         
XV233		Nimrod MR.2P	        206 SQN     
XV236		Nimrod MR.2P	        42(R) SQN   
XV240		Nimrod MR.2P	        120 SQN     
XW236	BZ	Puma HC.1	        18 SQN      
ZE706		Tristar C.2	        216 SQN     
ZA143	D	VC-10 K.2	        101 SQN     
XH671		Victor K.2	        55 SQN      
XR497	F	Wessex HC.2	        72 SQN      
XV722	WH	Wessex HC.2	        2 FTS       
XV724		Wessex HC.2	        22 SQN      
Outdoor exhibition:
ZD407	AQ	Harrier GR.7		3 SQN  
XV210		Hercules C.1P	        LTW    
XV244		Nimrod MR.2P	        201 SQN
XW199		Puma HC.1	        33 SQN 
XZ595		Sea King HAR.3	        202 SQN
ZH106		Sentry AEW.1	        8 SQN  
PS915		Spitfire PR.XIX	        BoBMF  
ZD789	AM	Tornado GR.1	        9 SQN  
XV103		VC-10 C.1K	        10 SQN 
XH558		Eurofighter 2000	Mock-up

Indoor exhibition:
E2466		Bristol F2b		RAF Museum   
K5414	XV	Hawker Hind	        G-AENP       
XV744		Harrier GR.3	        NoMarks      
RR299	HT-E	Mosquito T.3	        BAe          
XV393	Q	Phantom FGR.2	        74 SQN       
ZG705	A	Tornado GR.1A	        13 SQN       
XD875		Valiant B(K).1	        Nose Only    
ZE555		Viking TX.1	        Fuselage Only
XR453	A	Whirlwind HAR	        230 SQN      

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