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St. Mawgan 1976

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Date: 4 August 1976

Made by: Paul Carr, Ron Nieuwland

Updated: 2 April 1999

Lancaster I             PA474/KM:B 
Shackleton AEW.2        WR965 
Vulcan B.2              XL360                                 230 OCU 
                        XL427                                 27 Sqn 
Jet Provost T.4         XS177 
KC-135F                 312738/F-UKCJ                         FrAF 
Atlantic                258                                   RNLN 
BN-2A                   G-AXXH                                NEA 
                        G-BADK                                Brymon 
Ce FRA.150L             G-BABD 
Ce F.177RG              G-AZVP 
C-131F                  141023 
Etendard IVM            51, 52                                FrN 
Devon C.2               VP968,WB531 
Chipmunk T.10           WP776 
                        WP914/E,WZ847/F                       6 AEF 
Canberra B.2            WJ635,WJ641(both dump),WJ681 
Canberra T.4            WJ566,WJ876(dump) 
Canberra TT.18          WH718,WJ639,WJ682,WK118,WK122,WK124 
Canberra T.19           XA536 
Lightning F.3           XP695/O                               11 Sqn 
Aircoupe                G-ATRY 
Swordfish II            LS326/5A 
Fiat G.91T              3454                                  WGAF, WS-50 
FA.200                  G-BBGI 
AA-5                    G-BAEJ 
Hastings C.1            TG502                                 dump 
Hurricane IIC           LF363/LE:D 
Sea Fury FB.11          TF956/T123 
Gnat T.1                XP514,XR537,XR540,XR572,XR955,        Red Arrows 
                        XR981,XR991,XR993,XS101,XS107         Red Arrows 
Nimrod MR.1             XV234,XV235,XV237,XV239,XV240, 
Buccaneer S.2B          XV334                                 237 OCU 
                        XV342                                 208 Sqn? 
Harrier GR.1            XV762/44,XW922/49                     233 OCU 
SP-2H                   202                                   RNLN 
F-104G                  2292                                  WGAF, JBG-34 
RF-104G                 D-8129,D-8133                         RNLAF, 306 Sqn 
Hercules C.1            XV291,XV300 
P-3B Orion              153414/LK-3                           US NAVY, VP-26 
RF-4E                   3571,3581                             WGAF, AKG-51 
Phantom FGR.2           XV489/F                               56 Sqn 
Paris                   40                                    FrN 
Harvard IIB             FT375 
Sea Prince T.1          WP320/CU573 
PA-22-108               G-ASSE 
PA-23-250               G-ATPR 
PA-24-260               G-ATNV 
PA-28-140               G-BBIL 
Pitts S-2A              G-BADW,G-BADX,G-BADY,G-BADZ           Rothmans 
RAF BE.2                6232/BAPC-41                          replica 
Jaguar GR.1             XX754/23,XX750/22                     72 Sqn 
Sandringham             VP-LVE                                Antilles Air Boats 
SF.260MB                ST-14,ST-15,ST-16                     RBAF 
Rallye Commodore        G-AZMZ 
Spitfire PR.19          PS853 
Viscount 813            G-AZNA                                BMA 
Whirlwind HAR.10        XP403 
Wessex HC.2             XR499/AW 
Sea King HAS.1          XV654/CU593 
Gazelle HT.2            XW856/CU547,XW891/CU554,XW895/CU551, 
plus unidentified glider D-6095 

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