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Brize Norton 1983

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Date: 18 June 1983

Made by: Hazel Tyrell, Brian Fearneyhough

Updated: 3 June 2004

ANDOVER E3         XS605         115 SQN
BUCCANEER S2B      XN981         208 SQN
BULLDOG T1         XX632/D       Bristol UAS 
CANBERRA PR9       XH175         1 PRU
DOMINIE T1         XS728/E       6 FTS
GAZELLE HT3        XX382/M       CFS
HARRIER GR3        XV738/15      1 SQN
HAWK T1A           XX330/D       151 SQN/2 TWU
HERCULES C1P       XV192         LTW
HUNTER F4          XE670         RAFEF (nose)
JAGUAR GR1         XX719/GD      54 SQN
JETSTREAM T1       XX492/A       6 FTS
JET PROVEST T4     XR658/8192M   RAFEF
JET PROVEST T5A    XW410/80      1 FTS
LIGHTNING F6       XS928         11 SQN 
NIMROD MR2P        XV234         201 SQN
PHANTOM FG1        XT873/A       111 SQN
SEA KING HAR3      XZ589         202 SQN         
SIOUX AH1          XT141         658 SQN
TORNADO GR1        ZA541/S       617 SQN
VC-10 C1           XR807         10 SQN
VC-10 C1           XV102         10 SQN
VULCAN K2          XH560         50 SQN

ANDOVER C1         XS596         115 SQN
B-17G              485784        G-BEDF 
BAE-146            ZD696         241 OCU 
BUCCANEER S2B      XV165         12 SQN
CHINOOK HC1        ZA705/EZ      7 SQN          
CHIPMUNK T10       WK518         1 AEF
FLYCATCHER         51287         G-BEYB 
HARRIER GR3        XW921/L       233 OCU
HARRIER GR3        XZ964/P       233 OCU
HAWK T1            XX353/M       151 SQN/2 TWU
HAWK T1            XX251	 Red Arrows
HAWK T1            XX252	 Red Arrows
HAWK T1            XX253	 Red Arrows
HAWK T1            XX257	 Red Arrows
HAWK T1            XX260	 Red Arrows
HAWK T1            XX264	 Red Arrows
HAWK T1            XX266	 Red Arrows
HAWK T1            XX304	 Red Arrows
HAWK T1            XX306	 Red Arrows
HERCULES C1        XV103         LTW
HERCULES C1        XV306         LTW
HERCULES C3        XV301         LTW
JAGUAR GR1         XX766/14      226 OCU
JAGUAR T2          XX832/5       226 OCU
NIMROD MR2P        XV243         KINLOSS 
PHANTOM FG1        XV583/B       111 SQN
PHANTOM FG1        XV574/Z       111 SQN
PUMA HC1           XW202/FC      240 OCU
RYAN PT-22         N1344
SCOUT AH1          XR639         658 SQN
TORNADO GR1        ZA599         TWCU 
VC-10 C1           XV103         10 SQN
VULCAN B2          XM597         50 SQN 
ANDOVER C1         XS595         115 SQN
ANDOVER C1         XS598         115 SQN
VC-10 C1           XR808         10 SQN 
VC-10 C1           XR810         10 SQN
VC-10 C1           XV104         10 SQN
VC-10 C1           XV105         10 SQN  
VC-10 C1           XV106         10 SQN
VC-10 C1           XV107         10 SQN
VC-10              ZD232 
VC-10              ZD233
VC-10              ZD234
VC-10              ZD493         G-ARVJ

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