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Heathrow 1996

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Date: 2 June 1996

Made by: Scramble


PA474/WS-J     Lancaster B1 BoBMF
XS235          Comet 4C     A&EC
9x	       Hawk T1/T1A  Red Arrows
9V-SMS         B747-412     Singapore Airlines
C-FDFC         Bristol B170
C-FMWP         B767-333ER   Air Canada
EC-GCK         B727-256     Iberia
G-OPLC         DH-104-8
G-AORG         DH-114
G-AGSH         DH-89A
G-AMPZ         DC-3         Air Atlantique
G-AVMT         BAe111-510ED Air Bristol Shannon
G-AVXJ         BAe748-2A    Civil Aviation Authority
G-BFZL         Viscount 836 British World Airlines
G-BOAA         Concorde C2  British Airways
G-CEAS         Herald       Channel Express
G-DAKK         DC-3         South Coast Airways
G-OBMY         B737-59D     British Midland
G-SIXC         DC-6B        Air Atlantique
G-VBUS         A340-311     Virgin Atlantic Airways
G-ZZZD         B777-236     British Airways
N1768D         MD-11        American Airlines
N805DH         DC-8-73AF    DHL Airways
ZS-BMH         DC-4-1009    South African Airways

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