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Leuchars 1975

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Date: 20 September 1975

Made by:

Updated: 14 December 2001

Sea King HAS Mk.1       XV676 PW/306  819 Sdn. 
Puma HC Mk.1            XW227  DN/230 Sdn. 
Canberra T Mk.17        WJ981  S/360 Sdn. 
Bulldog T Mk.1          XX560  02/GSUAS. 
Hunter T Mk.7           XL601  88/4 FTS. 
Dominie T Mk.1          XS726 RAFC. 
Jet Provost T Mk.4      XS219  60/SRF. 
Jaguar GR Mk.1          XX742  14/226 OCU. 
F-111E                  68-0035  'UH'(y), 79 TFS 20 TFW. 
Buccaneer S Mk.2A       XV168  12 Sdn. 
Victor K Mk.1A          XH651  57 Sdn. 
Vulcan SR Mk.2          XH563  27 Sdn. 
Varsity T Mk.1          WF379  RRE Pershore, radar nose. 
Hercules W Mk.2         XV208  RAE Meteorological Flight. 
Shackleton AEW Mk.2     WL741  8 Sdn. 

2 Phantom FG Mk.1s      XT857/U  XV569/X  PTF. 
Lightning T Mk.5        XS417  Z/23 Sdn. 
Lightning F Mk.3        XP706  R/23 Sdn. 
Lightning F Mk.6        XS895  Ex N/23 Sdn, uncoded and in poor condition. 
Phantom FG Mk.1         XT875  K/43 Sdn. 

Flying display: 
4 Phantom FG Mk.1s      XT863 R/001  XV589 R/006  XT864 R/007 XT868 R/014  892 Sdn. 
4 Jet Provost T Mk.5s   XW354  XW357  XW360  XW438  RAFC, The Poachers. 
2 Whirlwind HAR Mk.10s  XK969  XP353  C Flight 202 Sdn. 
Hercules C Mk.1         XV251  LTW. 
2 Phantom FGR Mk.2s     XV420/B  XV424/H  29 Sdn, refuelling display with Victor. 
Victor K Mk.2           XL191  232 OCU. 
Vulcan B Mk.2           XM650  44 Sdn. 
Nimrod MR Mk.1          XV238  Kinloss Wing. 
Phantom FG Mk.1         XV578  Q/43 Sdn, was coded 'O' 
Shackleton AEW Mk.2     WR965  8 Sdn. 
6 Lightning F Mk.6s     XR753/A  XS936/B  XR754/D  XS899/E XR723/F  XS935/J  23 Sdn. 
4 Phantom FG Mk.1s      XV576/D  XV581/E  XT874/J  XV573/L  43 Sdn. 
C-130H                  CH-10  20 Sdn, support for Les Diables Rouge. 
Hercules C Mk.1         XV241  LTW. 
Gnat T Mk.1             XS106  36/4 FTS. 
7 CM.170-1s             MT-6 (263)  MT-11 (268)  MT-12 (269)  MT-15 (272) MT-21 (278)  MT-23
				(280)  MT-32 (289)  CPV, Les Diables Rouge. 
Bulldog T Mk.1          XX559  01/GSUAS. 
CF-104G                 104733  441 Sdn, bl/w checks on fin. 

Other aircraft on field:
2 Phantom FG Mk.1s      XV583/G  XT873/S  43 Sdn. 
HS.125 CC Mk.1          XW791  32 Sdn. 
Hunter T Mk.7           XL621  81/4 FTS. 
RF-4C                   65-0901  'AR'(bl), 1 TRS 10 TRW. 
F-4E                    69-7256  'BT', 36 TFW. 
Jet Provost T Mk.5      XW435  93/CFS. 
Phantom FG Mk.1         XV592 R/005  892 Sdn. 
Devon C Mk.2/2          VP962  207 Sdn. 
Lightning F Mk.1A       XM169  W/23 Sdn. 
Jet Provost T Mk.5      XW420  RAFC, The Poachers. 
Jaguar T Mk.2           XX146  J/226 OCU. 
Lightning T Mk.5        XS419  T/23 Sdn. 

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