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Middle Wallop 1998

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Date: 12-14 June 1998

Made by: John Tolland and others


Hkp4, Swedish AF
The Swedish designation of the Boeing-Vertol 107 (Kawasaki KV-107) is Hkp4. These choppers are rarely seen outside Sweden, but the people at Middle Wallop managed to arrange one for their show (04064/64).

Photo Gary Parsons

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

Noted on Friday evening 12/06/98 
Static Display 
RS01                    Sea King Mk40                           Belgium 
P288                    AS550                                   Denmark 
P320                    AS550                                   Denmark 
H202                    Hughes 500                              Denmark 
H211                    Hughes 500                              Denmark 
1032/BRI                SA330                   5RHC            France 
4234/BQN                SA342                   5RHC            France 
R03                     AB412                                   Holland 
HT.21-51/ET651          AS332                                   Spain 
HA.15-84/ET329          Bo105                                   Spain 
10405                   AS332                                   Sweden 
04064                   Hkp4                                    Sweden 
11332                   Bell 412                                Sweden 
09216/16                Bo 105                                  Sweden 
T321                    AS332                                   Switzerland 
V208                    Alouette III                            Switzerland 
V266                    Alouette III                            Switzerland 
ZJ260/60                Squirrel HT2             DHFS 
ZA684                   Chinook HC2                             RAF 
XR497                   Wessex HC2                              RAF 

Near Side Flight Lines 
ZD402 			Harrier GR7                             RAF 
ZD433 			Harrier GR7                             RAF 

Far Side Flight Lines 
Squirrel HT2s 
ZG993                   Islander 

Hangar 1 
G-285                   Kirby Kite 1 

Hangar 2 
XW909                   Gazelle 
ZX187 + XZ655           Lynx 
XP893 + XV131           Scout AH.1 
WZ711 (G-AVHT)          Beagle E.3 

Hangar 3 
XZ349                   Gazelle 
ZG845                   Islander 
XZ675 + XZ676           Lynx 
ZD281/K                 Lynx 
ZJ243/43                Squirrel HT2 
ZJ245/45                Squirrel HT2 
WP871                   Chipmunk T.10 

Hangar 4 
VF526/T                 Auster 6A 
XR244                   AOP.9 
WD325/N                 Chipmunk 
G-BMCL                  Grob 

Hangar 5 
TAD900                  Gazelle 
XP884                   Scout 

Gate Guards 
WZ724                   AOP.9 
XT638/N                 Scout 
XT123/D                 Sioux 

Royal Navy 
ZD252/671               Lynx 
ZD254/645               Lynx 

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