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Cosford 1998

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Date: 14 June 1998

Made by: Ray Ellens


1 SoTT Aircraft on view to public:
XS726/T             	HS125 Dominie T.1
XM362/8203M             Jet Provost T.3  
XW290/9199M/41/MA       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW299/9146M/60/MB       Jet provost T.5A 
XW301/9147M/63/MC       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW304/9172M/MD          Jet Provost T.5A 
XW309/9179M/V/ME        Jet provost T.5  
XW311/9180M/W/MF        Jet Provost T.5  
XW318/9190M/78/MG       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW321/9154M/62/MH       Jet Provost J.5A 
XW330/9195M/82/MJ       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW358/9181M/59/MK       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW360/9153M/61/ML       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW361/9192M/81/MM       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW364/9188M/35/MN       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW367/9193M/63/MO       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW370/9196M/72/MP       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW405/9187M/J/MQ        Jet Provost T.5A 
XW410/9125M/80/MR       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW416/9191M/83/MS       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW418/9173M/MT          Jet Provost T.5A 
XW420/9194M/83/MU       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW425/9200M/H/MV        Jet Provost T.5A 
XW430/9176M/77/MW       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW432/9127M/76/MX       Jet Provost T.5A 
XW434/9091M/78/MY       Jet Provost T.5A 
XX110/8955M/EP          Jaguar GR.1      
XX746/8895M/07          Jaguar GR.1A     
XX751/8937M/10          Jaguar GR.1      
XX756/8899M/AM          Jaguar GR.1      
XX837/8978M/Z           Jaguar T.2       
XX958/9022M/BK/JG       Jaguar GR.1      
XX967/9006M/AC/JD       Jaguar GR.1      
XX968/9007M/AJ/JE       Jaguar GR.1      
XX975/8905M/07          Jaguar GR.1      
XZ368/8900M/AG          Jaguar GR.1      
XZ374/9005M/JC          Jaguar GR.1      
XZ383/8901M/AGF         Jaguar GR.1      
XZ384/8954M/BC          Jaguar GR.1      

Outside Static Display,various locations:
'XX253'      (BAPC171) 	Hawk T.1 		Replica     RAF EP&TU St Athan
'ZA368'/AP-J (BAPC155) 	Tornado GR.1 		Replica RAF EP&TU St Athan
XS733/Q   		HS125 Dominie T.1     	RAF 3FTS/55(R)Sqn Cranwell
XX492/A   		Jetstream T.1         	RAF 3FTS/45(R)Sqn Cranwell
XR525/G   		Wessex HC.2    		RAF 72Sqn Aldergrove
ZJ238       		Griffin HT.1   		DHFS Shawbury
ZJ275       		Squirrel HT.1  		DHFS Shawbury
ZG848       		Islander AL.1  		AAC 1Flt Aldergrove
330485/G-AJES   	Piper L-4H Grasshopper(Piper Cub)   Private
G-ATHK          	Aeronca 7AC Champion                Private

G-MSYG  		Mainair Mercury           Private
G-MYCF                  SW Pegasus Quasar IITC    Private
G-MYEU                  Mainair Gemini Flash IIA  Private
G-MYFL                  SW Pegasus Quasar IIA     Private
G-MZEF                  Mainair Blade             Private
G-MZHJ                  Mainair Rapier            Private

Flightline and Flying:
N54922         		Stearman 75      	Crunchie Flying Circus                                
N707TJ         		Stearman 75             Crunchie Flying Circus                                
RA-00293/115 		Yak-52                  Private                                               
G-APTZ         		D.31 Turbulent          The Tiger Club,Headcorn                               
G-APVZ         		D.31 Turbulent          The Tiger Club,Headcorn                               
G-ARBZ         		D.31 Turbulent          The Tiger Club,Headcorn                               
G-ARNZ         		D.31 Turbulent          The Tiger Club,Headcorn                               
G-AYCJ         		Cessna TP206D           Private                                               
G-CCAO         		Twin Squirrel           West Mercia and Central Counties Police               
G-SHCC         		JetRanger 2             (Pleasure Flights)                                    
G-UNNY         		Strikemaster            Private                                               
NZ6361/?????   		Strikemaster            Private (RNZAF Colours)Civil Reg not known            
XX521/G      		Bulldog T.1             Birmingham UAS/8AEF Cosford                           
XX536          		Bulldog T.1             Birmingham UAS/8AEF Cosford                           
XX670/C      		Bulldog T.1             Birmingham UAS/8AEF Cosford                           
XX688/8      		Bulldog T.1             CFS Cranwell                                          
XV210          		Hercules C.1            RAF LTW 'Falcons' support aircraft.
XV297          		Hercules C.1            RAF LTW                                               
XV233          		Nimrod MR.2             42(R)Sqn KInloss                                      
XV656/180/CU 		Sea King AEW.2          RN 849Sqn,HQ Flt Culdrose                             
XZ245/306    		Lynx HAS.3              RN 815Sqn Portland                                    
ZD402/31     		Harrier GR.7            RAF HOCU/20(R)Sqn Wittering                           
ZD433/45     		Harrier GR.7            RAF HOCU/20(R)Sqn Wittering                           
ZF137          		Tucano T.1              RAF 1FTS Linton on Ouse                               
PA474/WS-J   		Lancaster B.1           RAF BBMF                                              
PM631          		Spitfire PR.XIX         RAF BBMF                                              
PZ865          		Hurricane IIC           RAF BBMF                                              
9x 			Hawk T.1(A)s 		'Red Arrows'
1x			Jaguar GR.1		16
1x			Tornado F.3		nn

Berlin Airlift Anniversary:
KN442/G-AMPZ         	Dakota IV  (C-47B) 	Air Atlantique,Coventry
ZA497/YS-DM        	Dakota III (C-47A) 	RAF BBMF
48-609/N494TW/8609 	Lockheed C-121A    	Private (USAF MATS colours)

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