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Brawdy 1987

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Date: 23 July 1987

Made by: Herbert Dederichs


4058 			Alphajet 		JaboG 43           
5043 			C.160D 		        LTG 61             
2644, 2647 		F-104G 		        JaboG 34 lizard c/s
4452 			Tornado 	        JaboG 31           
E77/8-NA, E21/8-NR 	Alphajet 	        ET 8               
WH718/CW 		Canberra T.18 	        100 Sq             
XH135/AG 		Canberra PR.9 	        1 PRU              
ZE351/I 		F-4J (UK) 	        74 Sq              
XJ683 			Hunter FGA.9 	        1 TWU              
XL613 			Hunter T.7 	        237 OCU            
XP547/03 		Jet Provost T.4         1 TWU              
XS177/N 		Jet Provost T.4         CATCS              
XW334/131 		Jet Provost T.5         7 FTS              
XP741/AR 		Lightning F.3 	        5 Sq camo          
XR726/BM 		Lightning F.6 	        11 Sq grey c/s     
ZA554/11 		Tornado GR.1 	        27 Sq              
ZD953 			TriStar K.1 	        216 Sq             
XR501 			Wessex HC.2 	        22 Sq              
81-0955/WR bk 		A-10A 		        81 TFW '511 AMU'   
80-0279/WR pr 		A-10A 		        81 TFW             
71-0892/LN y 		F-111F 		        48 TFW             
AT-01 			Alphajet 	        O&T Wing           
FA-82, FA-90, FA-93	F-16A 		        10 Wing            
BA-01, BA-43, BD-09	Mirage 5BA/BD 	        2 Wing             
E-608 			F-16A 		        Esk 723            
ET-614 			F-16B 		        Esk 723            
WB271/R-204 		Firefly AS.5 	        RN Historic Flight 
XV168, XV863 		Buccaneer S.2B 		208 Sq
ZA710/EY 		Chinook HC.1 		7 Sq
XS735/R 		Dominie T.1 		6 FTS
ZD613/710 		Sea Harrier FRS.1 	899 Sq
XZ997/E, XV747/G	Harrier GR.3 		233 OCU
XV755/M 		Harrier GR.3 		233 OCU
XX159 			Hawk T.1 		1 TWU	spcl.marks
XX339			Hawk T.1 		1 TWU
XV189 			Hercules C.3P 		LTW
XZ243/635 		Lynx HAS.2 		829 Sq
MT-46 			CM.170R 		33 Sm
FA-31, FA-49 		F-16A 			1 Wing bl
J-868, J-870 		F-16A 			312 Sq
J-656 			F-16B 			312 Sq
On field:
XX188, XX194, XX247	Hawk T.1  		TWU/234 Sq grey c/s
XX302, XX315, XX323	Hawk T.1  		TWU/234 Sq grey c/s
XX187, XX197, XX200	Hawk T.1 		1 TWU/79 Sq grey c/s
XX316			Hawk T.1 		1 TWU/79 Sq grey c/s
Hangar (paintshop):
XX186 			Hawk T.1 		1 TWU grey c/s  
XX174 			Hawk T.1 		4 FTS
Hangar 2:
XZ587, ZE369 		SeaKing HAR.3 		202 Sq
Hangar 3:
XX190, XX303, XX317	Hawk T.1 		1 TWU/234 Sq
XX350			Hawk T.1 		1 TWU/234 Sq
Hangar 8:
XX222 			Hawk T.1 		1 TWU/79 Sq
Hangar 9:
WP900/13, WB654/14 	Chipmunk T.10 		10 AEF
Hangar 10:
XX192, XX198 		Hawk T.1 		1 TWU 79 Sq
XR679/04, XS178/05	Jet Provost T.4 	1TWU
XS219/06 		Jet Provost T.4 	1TWU
Hangar 11:
XX324, XX351 		Hawk T.1 		234 Sq camo
XX181 			Hawk T.1 		4 FTS
XX221(grey),XX280(camo) Hawk T.1 		79 Sq
XX318(grey),XX319(camo) Hawk T.1 		79 Sq
WJ681 			Canberra B.2
XE624 			Hunter FGA.9
G-ASKH 			Mosquito T.3 		RR299/HT-E
G-BLSC 			PBY-5A 			ex USN 46633 marked as 'JV928'

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