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Church Fenton 1981

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Church Fenton (United Kingdom)

SSAFA display

14 June 1981

77-0255/WR A-10A 81stTFIW  
79-0225/WR A-10A 81stTFIW  
68-3805 OV-10A 601st TCV  
XX624/G Bulldog T.1 Yorkshire UAS  
XS731/J Dominie T.1 6 FTS  
XZ336 Gazelle AH.1 3 Flt  
KF183 Harvard IIB A&AEE  
XZ116/D Jaguar GR.1 41 Sqdn  
XW326/120 Jet Provost T.5A 7 FTS  
XM383/90 Jet Provost T.3A 7 FTS  
XZ335 Gazelle AH.1 3 Flt  
XZ932/S Gazelle HT.2 2 FTS  
XW921/P Harrier GR.3 233 OCU  
XZ967/C Harrier GR.3 233 OCU Instead of XV753/C
XV211 Hercules C.1 LTW (Falcon's support)
PZ865/JU-Q Hurricane IIC BoBMF  
LF363 Hurricane IIC BoBMF  
XM370/93 Jet Provost T. 3A 7 FTS  
PA474/AJ-G Lancaster BoBMF  
WF791 Meteor T. 7 Vintage Pair  
TF956/T-123 Sea Fury FB. 11 RNHF  
P7350/QV-B Spitfire IIA BoBMF  
RM619/ AP-D Spitfire XIV Rolls Royce  
XH304 Vampire T. 11 Vintage Pair  
XL392 Vulcan B.2 617 Sqdn  
Red Arrows
Hawk T.1
XV296 Hercules C.1 RAF Support Red Arrows
G-ALGT Spitfire F.XIV   As RM689

Credits: Peter Nicholson

Update: 8 May 2022 By Mike Lawson

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