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Woodford 1997

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Date: 21 June 1997

Made by: Kevin Hall, Mike Hopwood

Updated: 1 August 2002

AT14                 Alpha Jet           BAF 9 wing 
E143/8-MM            Alpha Jet E         FAF 
E159/8-ND            Alpha Jet E         FAF 
496/312-UO           Tucano              FAF 
497/312-UP           Tucano              FAF 
501/312-UT           Tucano              FAF 
502/312-UU           Tucano              FAF 
240		     Beech 200		 Irish Air Corps
218		     Magister		 Irish Air Corps
216		     Magister		 Irish Air Corps
220		     Magister		 Irish Air Corps
215		     Magister		 Irish Air Corps
217		     Magister		 Irish Air Corps
R-03                 AB412SP SAR         RNLAF SAR Flt 
J-198                F-16A               RNLAF 
J-249                F-16A               RNLAF 
XH131/AA             Canberra PR9        39(1PRU)SQN 
XS739/F              Dominie T1          55(R)SQN 
4x		     Gazelle 		 AAC
ZJ236                Griffin HT1         DHFS 
ZD345/12             Harrier GR7         20(R)SQN 
ZD434/46             Harrier GR7         20(R)SQN 
XX226                Hawk T1             74(R)SQN 
XX244                Hawk T1             74(R)SQN 
XV211		     Hercules C1P	 LTW
XX745/D              Jaguar GR1A         16(R)SQN 
XZ113/FD             Jaguar GR1/96       41 SQN 
XZ360/FN             Jaguar GR1/96       41 SQN 
XZ391/A              Jaguar GR1A         16(R)SQN 
1x		     Lynx		 AAC
XV226 		     Nimrod MR2P	 RAF
ZJ257                Squirrel HT1        DHFS 
ZA564/CK             Tornado GR1         17 SQN 
ZE165/ZK             Tornado F3          25 SQN 
ZE735/AL             Tornado F3          56(R)SQN 
ZE737/FF             Tornado F3          25 SQN 
ZF140                Tucano T1           1FTS 
ZG792/DD             Tornado GR1         31 SQN 
G-BSBG/20310	     Havard
G-FRAW               Falcon 20           FRA 

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