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Farnborough 1962

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Date: September 1962

Made by:


C91-2500       Avro 748 sr.2             Brazilian A.F. 
XA894          VULCAN B1                 OLYMPUS  TEST BED 
XL361          VULCAN B2                 617 SQN. 
XR942          WALLIS W.A.116 
XN929          BUCCANEER S.1 
XF923          BRISTOL T188 
XG310          LIGHTNING F.3 
XM974          LIGHTNING T.4 
XM967          LIGHTNING T.5 
XM691          GNAT      T.1 
XP841          HANDLEY PAGE  H.P.115 
XP831          P.1127 
XP972          P.1127 
XP666          JET PROVOST  T.4 
XP667          JET PROVOST  T.4 
XP849          SCOUT  AH.1 
XS463          WASP   HAS.1 
XK991          WHIRLWIND   HAR.10 
XP301          WHIRLWIND   HAR.10 
XP400          WHIRLWIND   HAR.10 
XM837          WESSEX  HAS.1 
WA202          WESSEX  HAS.31             R.Aus.NAVY 
XN817          ARGOSY  C.1                A&A.E.E. 
XN857          ARGOSY  C.1                114 SQN. 
D7000          S.E.5a 
D8096          BRISTOL F2d 
J9933          HAWKER HART 1 
K8032          GLADIATOR 3                72 SQN. MARKINGS 
L5326  5A      SWORDFISH 2 
N1854          FULMAR  1 
PZ865          HURRICANE  11c             G-AMAU 
TW117  Z       MOSQUITO  T.3 

VP959          DEVON C.1   R.A.E. 
VP975          DEVON C.1   R.A.E. 
XG496          DEVON C.1   R.A.E. 
XM223          DEVON C.1   R.A.E. 
XA922          VICTOR  B.1 
TG619          HASTINGS C.1 
WD480          HASTINGS C.2 
WJ906          VARSITY  C.1 
WL674          VARSITY  C.1 
VZ438          METEOR   F.8 
WA619          METEOR   T.7 
WA714          METEOR   T.7 
WF780          METEOR   T.7 
WF822          METEOR   T.7 
WA576          SYCAMORE 
XA864          WHIRLWIND HAR.1 
XJ445          WHIRLWIND HAR.5 
WJ730 18       CANBERRA  B.2          E.P.T.S. 
WJ994 19       CANBERRA  B.2          E.P.T.S. 
WH854 30       CANBERRA  T.4          E.P.T.S. 
XR801          VISCOUNT               E.P.T.S. 
XR802          VISCOUNT               E.P.T.S. 
WS793 5        METEOR   N.F.14        E.P.T.S. 

XN127          WHIRLWIND 
VP954          DEVON  C.1 
VP958          DEVON  C.1             MET.COMM. SQN. 
VP972          DEVON  C.1 
WJ913          VARSITY C.1 
VM352          ANSON C.19             R.A.E. 
VM367          ANSON C.19             12 GROUP  COMM. FLT. 
WF787          METEOR   T.7           COLTISHALL  STN. FLT. 

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