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Coltishall 2000

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Date: 30 June 2000

Made by: David Moore


Western Pan:
XX112/EA        Jaguar          6 Sqn           into 3 hangar @15:00
XZ391/EB        Jaguar          6 Sqn           moved @13:45
XX974/B 	Jaguar          16 (R) Sqn
XX752/D 	Jaguar          16 (R) Sqn      special display marks
XZ113/FD        Jaguar          41 Sqn
XZ357/FK        Jaguar          41 Sqn
XZ104/FM        Jaguar          41 Sqn
XZ363/FO        Jaguar          41 Sqn
XZ103/FP        Jaguar          41 Sqn
XZ112/GA        Jaguar          54 Sqn          into 3 hangar @15:50
XZ400/GR        Jaguar          54 Sqn
XX835/- 	Jaguar T        no marks
XX109/US        Jaguar GR.1     WLT             desert scheme
XX349/349       Hawk T.1W       208 (R) Sqn     ? departed
91-306/LNr      F-15E           494th FS/48th FW
WV318           Hunter T.7B     (G-FFOX)

Eastern Pan:
XZ396/EM        Jaguar          6 Sqn
XX840/S 	Jaguar T        16 (R) Sqn
XZ398/FA        Jaguar          41 Sqn
XX720/GB        Jaguar          54 Sqn
XZ364/GJ        Jaguar          54 Sqn          special 60th Anniversary marks
ZA371/C 	Tornado GR.4A   2 Sqn
ZD436/48        Harrier GR.7    3 Sqn
ZH541           Sea King HAR.3A 22 Sqn/B Flt    visited briefly
ZE339/AV        Tornado F.3     56 (R) Sqn      special display marks
XX332/332       Hawk T.1A       74 (R) Sqn      into 3 hangar @ ?
XX194/CO        Hawk T.1A       100 Sqn         into 3 hangar @17:00
AT05            Alphajet        1 Wg            special
ET-197  	F-16B           Esk 727
3709            F-4F            JG72
3736            F-4F            JG72
MM7165/51-31 	AMX             132° Gr/51° St  recce pod
MM7185/51-35 	AMX             132° Gr/51° St  recce pod
MM6733/9-33     F-104S ASA-M    10° Gr/9° St
MM6764/9-39     F-104S ASA-M    10° Gr/9° St
1602            An-26           13 plt
28613/8613      Su-22M-4        8 elt
605             Su-22UM-3K      8 elt           1753236905

Hangar 1:
(XZ360)/FN      Jaguar          41 Sqn

Hangar 2:
XX970/EH        Jaguar          6 Sqn
XX841/ES        Jaguar T        6 Sqn
XZ115/FC        Jaguar          41 Sqn
XZ355/FJ        Jaguar          41 Sqn
XX744           Jaguar GR.1     ex 31 Sqn       no wings or fin

Hangar 3:
XX738/GG        Jaguar          54 Sqn
G-ARNK  	Piper PA-22 Colt 108
G-BVGT  	Auster J/1

Hangar 4:
XS899/E 	Lightning F.6                   forward fuselage
XV426           Phantom FGR.2                   forward fuselage
XX737/EE        Jaguar          6 Sqn
XZ117/EP        Jaguar          6 Sqn
XX150/W 	Jaguar T        16 (R) Sqn
XZ118/FF        Jaguar          41 Sqn
XZ111/GO        Jaguar          54 Sqn
XX146/GT        Jaguar T        54 Sqn
XX829/GZ        Jaguar T        54 Sqn

On Field:
XG254           Hunter FGA.9
XX733           Jaguar GR.1B

V7467/LE-D      Hurricane I replica             (BAPC 223)

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