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Wyton 1983

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Date: 16 July 1983

Made by: Hazel Tyrell


CANBERRA PR9      XH170          

A-10A             80-0234/WR    	81 TFW      
ANDOVER C1        XS644                 EWAU        
ATLANTIC          61+08                 MFG-3       
BUCCANEER S2A     XV163/B               237 OCU     
CT-133A           133345                GTTF        
CANBERRA B2       WK162/CA              100 SQN     
CANBERRA E15      WJ756/CL              100 SQN     
CANBERRA PR9      XH169                 1 PRU       
CANBERRA SC9      XH132                 RAE BEDFORD 
CANBERRA T4       WJ879/BH              231 OCU     
CANBERRA T7       WT519/CH              100 SQN     
CANBERRA T17      WJ630/ED              360 SQN     
CANBERRA TT18     WJ862/CU              100 SQN     
CANBERRA T22      WH803/856             FRADU       
DEVON C2          WB533/DA              207 SQN     
DOMINIE T1        XS728/E               6 FTS       
FALCON 20ECM      053                   336 SKV     
RF-4C             69-0370/AR            10 TRW      
F-5E              74-1543               527 AS      
F-15C             79-0051/BT            36 TFW      
F-111F            71-0888/LN            48 TFW      
GAZELLE AH1       XZ334                 657 SQN     
GAZELLE HT3       XW902/H               2 FTS       
HFB-320           16+26                 JBG-32      
HARRIER GR3       XW921/L               233 OCU     
HAWK T1           XX315                 4 FTS       
HUNTER FGA9       XG252/U               79 SQN/1 TWU
JAGUAR GR1        XZ396/EM              6 SQN       
JET PROVEST T4    XR679/04              79 SQN/1 TWU
LIGHTNING F1A     XM191                 RAFEF (Nose)
NIMROD MR2        XV239                 210 SQN     
PD-808ECM         MM61958                14`st      
PUMA HC1          XW237/CR              33 SQN      
SEA PRINCE        WP321/570-CU          G-BRFC      
SCOUT AH1         XV123                 657 SQN     
TR-1A             80-1069               17 RW       
TORNADO GR1       ZA545/05              27 SQN      
VICTOR K2         XL188                 55 SQN      
VULCAN B2         XH560                 50 SQN      

AVRO TUTOR        K3215         	G-AHSA    
BRISTOL FIGHTER   D8096                 G-AEPH    
COMET 2R          XK697                 AIR SCOUTS
DEVON C2          VP965/DE              207 SQN   
F-15C             80-0005/BT            36 TFW    
F-15C             80-0009/BT            36 TFW    
GAZELLE HCC4      XW855                 32 SQN    
HURRICANE IIC     PZ865                 BOBMF     
HAWK T1           XX174                 4 FTS     
HAWK T1           XX234                 4 FTS     
HERCULES C1P      XV195                 LTW       
HERCULES C3       XV190                 LTW       
LANCASTER B1      PA474/AJ-G            BOBMF     
PHANTOM FG1       XV583/B               111 SQN   
PHANTOM FG1       XV584/F               111 SQN   
SEA FURY T20      WG655/GN-910          FAAHF     
SEA HERON C20     XR445                 VLSF      
SPITFIRE II       P7350/SH-D            BOBMF     
VAMPIRE T11       WZ507                 G-VTII    
WESSEX HC2        XT674                 22 SQN    

Flying only:
A-10A             80-0205/WR     	81 TFW
A-10A             80-0220/WR            81 TFW
F-111F            74-0184/LN            48 TFW
HAWK T1           XX251			Red Arrows 
HAWK T1           XX252			Red Arrows 
HAWK T1           XX253			Red Arrows 
HAWK T1           XX257			Red Arrows 
HAWK T1           XX259			Red Arrows 
HAWK T1           XX260			Red Arrows 
HAWK T1           XX264			Red Arrows 
HAWK T1           XX266			Red Arrows 
HAWK T1           XX304			Red Arrows 
HERCULES C1P      XV177         	LTW         
HERCULES C1P      XV186                 LTW         
METEOR T7         WF791                 VINTAGE PAIR
MOSQUITO T3       RR299/HT-E            BAE         
PROCTOR 4         RM221                 G-ANXR      
SHACKLETON AEW2   WL790                 8 SQN       
TORNADO GR1       ZA365                 TWCU        
VAMPIRE T11       XH304                 VINTAGE PAIR
Hangar 1:
BULLDOG T1        XX658/A       	CUAS   
CANBERRA T4       WJ866/BL              231 OCU
CANBERRA PR9      XH175                 1 PRU  
CHIPMUNK T10      WZ872/E               CUAS   

Hangar 2:
CANBERRA E15      WH972/CM      	100 SQN
CANBERRA PR7      WH779/CK              100 SQN
CANBERRA T4       WJ567/CC              100 SQN
CANBERRA TT18     WK124/CR              100 SQN

Hangar 3:
CANBERRA T17      WF890/EJ      	360 SQN
NIMROD R1         XW664                 51 SQN 
NIMROD R1         XW665                 51 SQN 

Hangar 4:
CANBERRA E15      WH983/CP      	100 SQN
VC-10 C1          XV109                 10 SQN 
Hangar 5:
ANDOVER C2        XS643         	115 SQN
DEVON C2          WB534                 207 SQN
NIMROD AEW3       XZ280                 u/m    

CANBERRA B2  	  WJ678/CF		100 SQN
CANBERRA B2  	  WP515/CD  		100 SQN
CANBERRA B2  	  WE113/BJ		231 OCU
CANBERRA B2  	  WJ731/BK		231 OCU
CANBERRA T4  	  WH848/BD		231 OCU
CANBERRA T4  	  WJ861/BF		231 OCU
CANBERRA T4  	  WJ877/BG		231 OCU
CANBERRA T4  	  WT874/BA		231 OCU
CANBERRA T4  	  WT780/BC		231 OCU
CANBERRA T17 	  WD955/EM		360 SQN
CANBERRA T17 	  WF916/EL		360 SQN
CANBERRA T17 	  WH646/EG		360 SQN
CANBERRA T17 	  WH664/EH		360 SQN
CANBERRA T17 	  WH902/EK		360 SQN
CANBERRA T17 	  WJ607/EB		360 SQN
CANBERRA T17 	  WJ625/EC		360 SQN
CANBERRA T17 	  WJ633/EF		360 SQN
CANBERRA T17 	  WJ977/ER		360 SQN
CANBERRA T17 	  WJ981/EN		360 SQN
CANBERRA T17 	  WJ986/EP		360 SQN
CANBERRA T17 	  WK111/EA		360 SQN
CANBERRA T17 	  WH740/EE     		360 SQN
CANBERRA PR7/9 	  WJ817			1 PRU
CANBERRA PR7/9 	  XH165			1 PRU
CANBERRA PR7/9 	  XH174   		1 PRU

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