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Waddington 1994

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Date: 22 October 1994

Made by: Scramble


Photo call lines:
FA58                  F-16A        nn
FA114                 F-16A        350sm
FA123                 F-16A        349sm
4629                  Tornado ECR  JBG32
202/36-CB             E-3F         36ADCA
119/12-KD             Mirage 2000C EC2/12
MM62151/14-02         B707-3F5C    14øSt
MM55001/I-40          Tornado      TTTE
LX-N20199             B707TCA      NAEWF
LX-N90445             E-3A         NAEWF
CE.15-1/15-70         EF-18B       Ala 15
XX529/W               Bulldog T1   6FTS
XX689/3               Bulldog T1   CFS
XX700/BI              Bulldog T1   RAFC
Wk518                 Chipmunk T10 BoBMF
WZ856/74              Chipmunk T10 7AEF
XS738/U               Dominie T1   6FTS
XW894/37              Gazelle HT2  nn
ZD975                 Janus TX1    ACCGS Newton
ZD437/05              Harrier GR7  1sq
XZ146/S               Harrier T4A  20sq
XX317                 Hawk T1      4FTS    black c/s
XX169                 Hawk T1      6FTS
XX264                 Hawk T1      Red Arrows
XX829                 Jaguar T2    16sq
XX482/J               Jetstream T1 45(R)sq
XV241                 Nimrod MR2P  201sq
XW204                 Puma HC1     33sq
ZA938                 Puma HC1     230sq
XV707/181             Sea King AEW2 849sq
ZH107                 Sentry AEW1  8sq
ZD712/BY              Tornado GR1  14sq
ZG728/CI              Tornado F3   5sq
ZE967/FU              Tornado F3   25sq
ZG778/BG              Tornado F3   29sq
ZE202/AG              Tornado F3   56sq
ZE811/HB              Tornado F3   111sq
ZH552                 Tornado F3   AWC
ZF406                 Tucano T1    CFS
ZF413                 Tucano T1    BATS
ZF415                 Tucano T1    25sq
ZF483                 Tucano T1    1FTS
ZD658                 Valiant TX1  ACCGS Newton
ZH121                 Vigilant T1  ACCGS Newton
ZE611                 Viking TX1   ACCGS Newton
XT601                 Wessex HC2   22sq
XT681/U               Wessex HC2   72sq
62-3511               KC-135R      145th ARS/OhioANG

Eastern ramps:
.../12-KH	      Mirage 2000C
.../12-KL	      Mirage 2000C
.../12-YK	      Mirage 2000C
.../12-YN	      Mirage 2000C
.../12-KN	      Mirage 2000B

ZH101, ZH103, ZH105   Sentry AEW1  8sq
XH669                 Victor K2    dump
XM607                 Vulcan B2    gate guard

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