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Church Fenton 1982

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Date: 13 June 1982

Made by: Jason Ganner


XX621           Bulldog
T7909           DH.82
XT875           F-4
XX169           Hawk
XX291           Hawk
XM465           Jet Provost
XW326           Jet Provost
XW415           Jet Provost
ZA110           Jetstream
PA474           Lancaster
WF791           Meteor
RR299           Mosquito
XW236           Puma
BM597           Spitfire            (gate guard)
ZA561           Tornado
XH304           Vampire
XL427           Vulcan
XR501           Wessex
80-0158         A-10A
80-0232         A-10A  
71-0890         F-111F
67-14694	OV-10A
160769          P-3C
G-AGYD          Auster
G-ATBP          RF-3
G-ATLM          C.172
G-AVLS          A.61
G-AVPK          Rallye
G-AVZP          Pup
G-AWCD          Robin 
G-AXVK          Cricket
G-AYKL          C.150
G-AZFI          PA-28R
G-AZSG          PA-28
G-AZVZ          PA-28
G-AZXC          C.150
G-BAJN          AA-5
G-BAZS          C.150
G-BBSA          AA-5
G-BFTF          AA-5
G-BGBP          C.152
G-BGXA          Cub
G-BJAG          PA-28
G-BJCY          T-67
G-GRAY          C.172
G-OBMW         	AA-5   
G-WYMP          C.150
G-YIII          C.150
G-YORK          C.172
G-YTWO          C.172

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