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Biggin Hill 1965

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Date: 18 September 1965

Made by: George Candelin, John Tyler, Paul Wiggins

Updated: 2 January 2011

D-EGSY 		Type unknown              
D-ILDA          Be.65                     
G-ASXX          Avro Lancaster            
G-ATDH          Gy80 Horizon              
N237B           Bell 47D-1	        c/n 183
N6064C          Bell 47D-1	        c/n 031
N9089Z          B25D Mitchell             
VW821           Vickers Valletta C1       
WK128           EE Canberra B2            
WL622           Vickers Varsity T1        
WL754           Shackleton MR2            
WR985           Shackleton MR2            
XJ394           Westland Whirlwind        
XP630           Jet Provost T4            
XR713           Lightning F3              
XR987           Gnat T1 		Red Arrows        
XR991           Gnat T1                 Red Arrows
XS176           Jet Provost T4            
XS517           Westland Wessex HC2 	72 Sqn
XT451           Westland Wessex HU5     R.Navy
XT453           Westland Wessex HU5     R.Navy
XT455           Westland Wessex HU5     R.Navy
XT456           Westland Wessex HU5     R.Navy
315/UB		CM170			FAF
351/UG		CM170			FAF
352/UA		CM170			FAF
362/UC		CM170			FAF
363/UD		CM170			FAF
374/UE		CM170			FAF

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