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Bentwaters 1982

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Date: 4/5 June 1982

Made by: Rod Martins, BARG, John Dyer

Updated: 29 May 2001

00195/WR 	  A-10A 	  81TFW
00215/WR 	  A-10A 	  81TFW
00231/WR 	  A-10A 	  81TFW
66-0220           HC-130P         67ARRS      
64-14836          KC-135A         320BW           
65-0267       	  C-141B          437MAW      
69-0370/AR bk     RF-4C           10TRW       
80465/RS 	  F-4E 		  86TFW
01553/53          F-5E            527TFTAS    
79-0081/BT y      F-15C           53TFS/36TFW
69-5784           HH-53C          67ARRS      
13556             OV-10A          601TCW      
79/10-SK          Mirage F.1C     EC10        
PA474/AJ-G        Lancaster B1    BBMF         
LF363/GN-F        Hurricane IIc   BBMF         
AB910/XT-M        Spitfire Vb     BBMF         

79-0068/BT y      F-15C           53TFS/36TFW
80506/RS	  F-4E		  86TFW		landed mid-morning 5th
74-2067           C-130H          463 TAW       4th only
XH304             Vampire         Vintage Pair  4th only
WF791             Meteor          Vintage Pair  4th only

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