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Lyneham 1995

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Date: 24 June 1995

Made by: Scramble


XX541/F               Bulldog T1   Bristol UAS
XX546                 Bulldog T1   London UAS
XX634/1, XX698/9      Bulldog T1   CFS
WZ847/F               Chipmunk T10 6AEF
XS727/D               Dominie T1   6FTS
XX187                 Hawk T1      CFS
PZ865/J               Hurricane 2C BoBMF
XX116                 Jaguar GR1A  16(R)sq spec. c/s
PA474/WS-J            Lancaster B1 BoBMF
XV240/CXX             Nimrod MR2   120sq
MT928/ZX/M            Spitfire HF8 Private
PM631/N               Spitfire PR19 BoBMF
ZA560                 Tornado GR1  TTTE  special c/s
ZE733/GE              Tornado F3   43sq
ZF449, ZF484          Tucano T1    1FTS
ZF512                 Tucano T1    1FTS
ZA149                 VC10 K3      101sq
XR505/WA              Wessex HC2   2FTS
XT606/WL              Wessex HC2   2FTS
165162/NY             KC-130T      VMGR-452
14863                 Harvard 3    Private
28521/TA521           Harvard IV   Private
N707TJ                Stearman     Crunchie
N5057V                Stearman     Crunchie
RA-7604               Su-29        Private
RA-44488                           Private
G-BWCF                             Private
G-EFSM                T67          Slingsby
G-SHRR                Bell 206     Private
G-VLAD                Yak-50       Private
Hercules' of LTW:    XV178, XV183, XV184, XV185,
XV190, XV199, XV200, XV206, XV207, XV210, XV211,
XV213, XV217, XV218, XV219, XV223, XV295, XV297,
XV298, XV300, XV301, XV304.
Als the Red Arrows were taking part in the flying display.

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