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Prestwick 1976

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Date: 28 July 1976

Made by: Frank Wielbo, Michael Lochrie

Updated: 14 June 2005

Buccaneer  S2         XN982                 809 Sq 
Phantom FG1           XV568                 892 Sq 
Gannet AEW3           XL500/LM-760          849 Sq 
Sea King HAS1         XV656/PW-302          819 Sq 
CF-104    	      889                   R Nor AF 
Jetstream T1          XX498 

Bulldog T1            XX714, XX515, XX516   at SAL hangar 
Bulldog T1	      2x		    at SAL hangar
C-141                 67-0014               main terminal 
CF-104		      836, 886    	    R Nor AF, in hangar
CF-104		      104730		    CAF, in hangar

Sea King              5x 

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