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Lee-on-Solent 1967

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Date: 17 June 1967

Made by:


WV911           SEA HAWK 3 
WM915           SEA HAWK 3 
XD276/017       SCIMITAR F1         AES 
XA459           GANNET AS4          EX.831SQ. 
NF389           SWORDFISH 
XD271           SCIMITAR F1         AES 
XT789           WASP HAS1 
XN314           WHIRLWIND 7 
XJ482/713       SEA VIXEN           766SQ. 
XF365           HUNTER F4           AES 
XV859           SRN6 HOVERCRAFT 
XV614           SRN6 HOVERCRAFT 
XJ350           SEA DEVON C20       781SQ. 
XR445           SEA HERON           781SQ. 
WN346           GANNET AS1          AES 
XD243           SCIMITAR F1         AES 

WV223           WHIRLWIND HAR22     LEE STN. 
XN980/652       BUCCANEER S2        736SQ. 
XS571/76        WASP HAS1           HMS LEANDER. 
XP152/523       WESSEX HAS1 
XA430           GANNET COD4         FLAG OFF.GIBRALTAR 
XP957/720       SEA VIXEN FAW2      766SQ. 
XS583/727       SEA VIXEN FAW2      766SQ. 
XS212/40        JET PROVOST T4      CFS 
XS213/46        JET PROVOST T4      CFS 
XS226/42        JET PROVOST T4      CFS 
XS229/49        JET PROVOST T4      CFS 
J9941           HART 
WV198           WHIRLWIND HAR22     LEE STN. 
XS521/R         WESSEX HU5          707SQ. 
XT482/Q         WESSEX HU5          707SQ. 
XF301           HUNTER FGA11 + 3    738SQ. 
T6296           DH.82 TIGER MOTH    YEOVILTON 

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