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Waddington 2013

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Waddington Airshow
Date: 6-7 June 2013
7T-WHE C-130H Algerian AF  
FA-95 F-16AM 2 Wing  
FA-110 F-16AM 2 Wing $
H20 A-109BA 18sq MRH  
453 C-295M 242.tsl  
1008 M-28B-1R 44.BLMW  
6067 L-159T1 $
9238 JAS 39C $
100004 Tp-100D AEW & C Sqn  
D-101 CH-47D 298sq  
R-03 AB-412SP 303sq  
ZZ501 Avenger T1 750sq  
QQ101 BAe146-RJ-100 QinetiQ  
ZK460/U Beech B200GT 45(R) Sqn  
ZG846 Defender AL1 651 Sqn  
Nmk (XZ327) Gazelle AH1 travel exhibit  
ZJ242/E Griffin HT1 60(R) Sqn  
XX230/230 Hawk T1A 208(R) Sqn  
XX246/95-Y Hawk T1A 100 Sqn  
ZH838/70 Merlin HM1 814sq  
ZJ998/AE Merlin HC3A 28/78 Sqn  
XR808 VC-10 C1K 101 Sqn $
ZJ694 Sentinel R1 5 Sqn  
ZH102/02, ZH106/06 Sentry AEW1 8/54 Sqn  
ZA412 Tornado GR4 617 Sqn $
ZJ914/EB-H Typhoon FGR4 41(R)sq  
ZK309/QO-P Typhoon FGR4 3 Sqn  
ZK343/EA Typhoon FGR4 1 Sqn  
D-EHJL P-149D ex GAF 95+45  
G-AKAT M.14A Magister ex T9739  
G-APAP Tiger Moth II ex R5136  
G-APYG Chipmunk T10 ex WB619  
G-ASYG Terrier II ex VX927  
G-BBND Chipmunk T10 ex WD286  
G-BJAL Casa 1-131 ex Spain E.3B-114  
G-BMSB Spitfire T9 ex MJ627/P-9G  
G-BPCL Bulldog Srs128 ex HKG-6  
G-BUHA Venture T2 ex ZA634  
G-BVEZ Jet Provost T3 ex XM479  
G-BWSG Jet Provost T5A ex XW324/U  
G-BXLO Jet Provost T4 ex XR673  
G-BXSD J-20 Kraguj ex Yugoslavia 30146  
G-CCMI Bulldog T1 ex XX513/10 CCMI  
G-DHPM Chipmunk T10 ex Portugal 1365  
G-FFOX Hunter T7B ex WV318/D  
G-ITAF SF260AM ex AMI MM54532  
G-OHGA OH-6A ex USAR69-16011  
G-TSIX Harvard Mk.IIA ex South Africa 7183  
G-TYAK Yak-52 Private G-TYAK  
G-UHIH UH-1H ex USAR 72-21509  
G-ZZLE Gazelle AH1 ex XX436  
Alpha Hangar:
ZH103/03, ZH107/07 Sentry AEW1 8/54 Sqn  
Hangar 3:
ZJ690 Sentinel R1 5 Sqn  
VP293/X Shackleton T4 From Baginton  
WH887/847 Canberra TT18 From Upwood  
WV381/732 Hunter GA11 From Chiltern Park  
XD425 Vampire T11 From Moray  
XE597 Hunter FGA9 From Bromsgrove  
XS176 Jet Provost T4 From Moray  
XS899/E Lightning F6 From Binbrook  
XS932 Lightning F6 From Walcott  
XV810 Harrier GR3 From Walcott  
XV240 Nimrod MR2 From Moray  
XV490/R Phantom FGR2 From Newark  
XW302 Jet Provost T5 From Cranwell  
Although Partial aircraft, we have included these as some people do like it.
6063 L-159A  
9240 JAS-39C  
89-0022 F-16C 141 Filo  
91-0011 F-16C 141 Filo S
FA-84 F-16AM 1sm  
FA-129 F-16AM 1sm  
J-015 F-16AM 312sq $
J-021 F-16AM 312sq  
ZJ218 Apache AH1 3 Regt  
ZA674 Chinook HC2 Odiham Wing  
ZA947/UK Dakota III BoBMF 7
ZJ241/L Griffin HT1 60(R)sq $
PZ865/EG-S Hurricane IIC BoBMF  
PA474/KC-A Lancaster B1 BoBMF  
XZ719/672\ Lynx HMA8SRU 702sq  
ZH850/80 Merlin HM1 824sq  
ZJ998/AE Merlin HC3A 28/78sq  
ZJ691 Sentinel R1 5sq  
ZJ692 Sentinel R1 5 sq $
ZH101/01, ZH104/04 Sentry AEW1 8/54sq  
PM631 Spitfire PRXIX BoBMF  
ZA404/013 Tornado GR4 617sq  
ZA492 Tornado GR4 617sq $
ZF239/RA-F Tucano T1 1 FTS $
ZF240/240 Tucano T1 1 FTS  
ZK344/BQ TyphoonFGR4 29(R)sq  
G-BCAB Bulldog T1 ex XX543  
G-BXFI Hunter T7 ex WV372/R  
G-RORI(XS111) Gnat T1 ex XR538/01  
G-TIMM Gnat 1 ex XP504  
G-VLCN Vulcan B1 ex XH558  
SE-DXB/R J-29F SwAFHF (ex 29670)
SE-DXG/140 Sk-60 SwAFHF (ex 60140)
SE-DXN/52 JA-37 SwAFHF (ex 37098)
Alpha Jets of EPA20.300/Patrouille de France:
E114/1/F-TERR, E46/2/F-UHRF, E95/3/F-TERQ, E166/4/F-UHRW
E73/5/F-TENE. E88/6/F-TELL, E163/7/F-TERB, E44/8/F-UHRE
E158/9,F-TERF, E94/0/F-TERH
EA-300L, Royal Jordanian Falcons:
XE606/B (mkd XE620) Hunter F6A outside 8sq Hangar  
XH607 Vulcan B2 pres  
XR770/AA Lightning F6 Outside 5sq Hangar  
ZH105/05 Sentry AEW1 std/without tail  
Support Aircraft:
CE-02 ERJ-135LR 21sm 5
5140/61-PD C-130H ET02.061 6-7-2013
69-021 C-160D 221 Filo 3-4-2013
ZJ255/55, ZJ262/62 Squirrel HT1 DHFS  
ZJ279/79 Squirrel HT1 DHFS  
ZK452/L Beech B200 45(R)sq(loaned to QinetiQ)  
$ special colours


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