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Finningley 1985

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Date: 7 September 1985

Made by: Jason Ganner


BA15            	Mirage V
BA48            	Mirage V
BD09            	Mirage V
133094            	CT-133
133542            	CT-133
220                 	Mirage F.1
J-215           	F-16
J-253            	F-16
J-260             	F-16
J-261            	F-16
79-0224            	A-10 
80-0218                 A-10 
84-0465                 C-23A
64-0537                 C-130
74-1048                 F-4  
81-0737                 F-16 
81-0738                 F-16 
68-0050                 F-111
T5493                	DH.82
EX280                 	T-6
FE992                   T-6 
FT239                  	T-6
FT375                  	T-6
ML407                	Spitfire
RR299                   Mosquito
VP955                   Devon   
WA662              	Meteor
WB271                	Firefly 
WD390                   DHC-1   
WG655                   Sea Fury
WH848                   Canberra
XH671                   Victor  
XL426                   Vulcan  
XL573                   Hunter  
XS603                   H.S.780 
XS770                   Basset  
XS792                   H.S.748 
XS935             	Lightning
XT606            	Wessex     
XV244                   Nimrod     
XV248                   Nimrod     
XV293                   C-130      
XV411                   Phantom    
XV500                   Phantom    
XV724                   Wessex     
XV759                   Harrier    
XV808                   Harrier    
XW322                   Jet Provost
XW323                   Jet Provost
XW547                   Buccaneer  
XX169                   Hawk       
XX176                   Hawk       
XX186                   Hawk       
XX485             	Jetstream
XX531            	Bulldog 
XX738                   Jaguar  
XZ285                   Nimrod  
XZ377                   Jaguar  
XZ590                   Sea King
XZ596                   Sea King
XZ597                   Sea King
XZ937                   Gazelle 
XZ994                   Harrier 
ZA150                   VC-10   
ZA564                   Tornado 
ZA593                   Tornado 
ZA802                   Gazelle 
ZA947                	C-47
ZD575            	CH-47  
ZD901                   Tornado
ZD932            	Tornado
ZE369              	Sea King
ZE370            	Sea King
ZE396            	H.S.125
F-BTSD            	Concord
G-AMRA        		C-47
G-AMSV            	C-47               
G-ATBG                  N.1002             
G-AYEF                  PA-28              
G-BBBC                  C.150              
G-BBOH                  Pitts              
G-BBVJ                  Be.24              
G-BCCX                  DHC-1              
G-BDOG                  Bullfinch          
G-BEFR                  Fokker DR.1 replica
G-BGBK                  PA-38              
G-BHLP                  C.441              
G-BIRD                  Pitts              
G-BIUM                  C.150              
G-BIZG                  C.152              
G-BKNO                  Sonerai            
G-BLDP                  T-67               
G-BLRM                  DG-400             
G-BLSC                	PBY
G-BPPS                	CAP-21
G-CLEM           	Bo.208
G-DCCC            	H.S.125
G-OKAY             	Pitts
G-OODI             	Pitts
G-RAEM            	Long Ez
G-SSHH            	BAe146
G-ZSOL            	Z.50
PH-RAS            	C.172

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