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Duxford 2000(3)

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Date: 15 October 2000

Made by: Ben Dunnell


Flightlines (North side):
CH-53G			84+91			HFR-15
A-26B			434602/S (N167B)	Scandinavian Hist Flt ['Sugarland Express']
AD-4NA Skyraider	126922/AK-402 (G-RAID)	Fighter Collection
AT-16 Harvard IIB	43/SC (G-AZSC)		Gary Numan
AT-16 Harvard IIB	FE992/K-T (G-BDAM)	Anna Lees
Auster V		TW467 (G-ANIE)		Steve Partridge
Auster AOP.6		TW536/TS-V (G-BNGE)	M. Pocock
Auster AOP.6		VF526/T (G-ARXU)	Edward Tait
Auster T.7		WE569 (G-ASAJ)		Ross Skingsley
B-17G			124485/DF-A (G-BEDF)	B-17 Preservation Ltd ['Sally B/Memphis Belle']
Beech 18-3TM		1164 (G-BKGL)		Aircraft Restoration Co
Blenheim IVT		R3821/UX-N (G-BPIV)	Aircraft Restoration Co
C-47B			292912/L4-S (N47FK)	Dakota Trust
Canberra B.2/6		WK163 (G-BVWC)		Classic Avn Projects
CCF Harvard IV		1747 (G-BGPB)		Aircraft Restoration Co
Chipmunk T.10		WB569/R (G-BYSJ)	Aircraft Restoration Co
Chipmunk T.10		WB660 (G-ARMB)		Paul Layzell
DH.82A Tiger Moth II	DF112 (G-ANRM)		Clacton Aero Club
DH.82A Tiger Moth II	G-APAO			Clacton Aero Club
DH.85 Leopard Moth	G-ACMN			Carolyn Grace
DH.87B Hornet Moth	G-AHBL			Henry Labouchere
DH.87B Hornet Moth	G-AHBM			E. & P. Gliddon
DH.89A Dragon Rapide	G-AIYR			Classic Wings ['Classic Lady']
DH.89A Dragon Rapide	G-AKIF			Classic Wings
F6F-5K Hellcat		40467/19 (G-BTCC)	Fighter Collection ['Gadget']
F7F-3P Tigercat		80425/WT-14 (G-RUMT)	Fighter Collection
FG-1D Corsair		NZ5648 (G-BXUL)		Old Flying Machine Co
Hunter F.58		34066/G/9 (SE-DXA)	Scandinavian Hist Flt
Meteor F.8		VZ467 (G-METE)		Kennet Aviation
P-40E			NZ3009 (ZK-RMH)		Old Flying Machine Co ['Wairarapa Wild Cat']
P-51D			463221/E2-Z (G-BTCD)	Old Flying Machine Co
P-51D			473877/E2-D (N167F)	Scandinavian Hist Flt ['Detroit Miss']
Pembroke C.1		WV740 (G-BNPH)		Martin Willing
Sea Fury FB.11		WH588/NW-114 (G-EEMV)	Paul Morgan ['Baby Gorilla']
Spitfire LF.IXB		MH434/ZD-B (G-ASJV)	Old Flying Machine Co
Stampe SV-4C		G-AXNW			Carolyn Grace
Stampe SV-4C		G-AYGE			Lee & Ian Proudfoot
Strikemaster Mk.87	OJ4/Z2 (G-UNNY)		Transair (UK) Ltd
T-33A-N			54-21261 (G-TBRD)	Golden Apple Trust
TBM-3R Avenger		53319/RB-319 (G-BTDP)	Tony Haig-Thomas
Vampire FB.6		28693/G/9 (SE-DXY)	Scandinavian Hist Flt 

Flying only (did not land):
Extra EA.300		G-HIII			Denny Dobson Aerobatics 

Visiting and charter aircraft (mostly parked South side):
AA-5B Tiger		G-BOZO			Caslon Ltd                          
AA-5B Tiger		G-DAVO	                Kadala Aviation Ltd                 
Beech A.36 Bonanza	N36NB	                Air Bickerton Inc.                  
C-47A			G-DAKK	                South Coast Airways                 
CAP.10B		        G-MOZZ	                Mark Smith                          
Cessna 172M	        G-OTAM	                G.V. White                          
Cessna 172N	        G-BUOJ	                EFG Flying Services                 
Cessna 172N	        G-BOOL	                Surrey & Kent F/Club                
Cessna 172N	        G-BONS	                M.G. Montgomerie                    
Cessna 182F	        G-ASLH	                J. Powell & J. Horton               
Cessna 182P	        G-BAHD	                G.G. Ferriman                       
Cessna F.152	        G-CPFC	                Falcon Flying Svcs                  
Cessna F.152	        G-BFKH	                TG Aviation Ltd                     
Cessna F.152	        G-BHHG	                TG Aviation Ltd                     
Cessna F.152 II	        G-BHFC	                TG Aviation Ltd                     
Cessna F.152 II	        G-BTAL	                TG Aviation Ltd                     
Cessna F.172L	        G-AZXD	                Birdlake Aviation                   
Cessna F.172M	        G-BIIB	                Civil Service Flyg Club             
Cessna F.172N	        G-BGBR	                European Flyers                     
Cessna FA.152	        G-JEET	                Falcon Flying Svcs                  
Comco Sherpa	        D-MPUL                                                      
CP.301A Emeraude	G-BIJU	                A.G. Bailey                         
DH.82A Tiger Moth II	G-ALWW	                D.E. Findon                         
F.24R-46 Argus		G-FANC	                A.T. Fines                          
PA-28-140 Cherokee	G-KELC	                P. Kelsey & H. Koffman              
PA-28-161 Warrior II	G-XENA	                Braddock Ltd                        
PA-28-161 Warrior II	G-CLAC	                M.J. Steadman                       
PA-28-161 Warrior II	G-BUIJ	                Tradecliff Ltd                      
PA-28-161 Warrior II	G-BGPL	                TG Aviation Ltd                     
PA-28-161 Warrior II	G-BOFZ	                R.W. Harris                         
PA-28-180 Cherokee	G-AVOZ	                P.Hoskins & R. Flavell              
PA-28-181 Archer III	G-JACS	                Vector Air Ltd                      
PA-28-181 Archer III	PH-RVG	                Rotterdamsche A/Club                
PA-30-160C Twin Comanch	D-GALF                                                      
PA-34-200 Seneca	G-BBNI	                Channel Avn Holdings                
PA-34-200T Seneca	G-BNEI	                P.J. Morrison                       
R-22 Beta		G-BXRK	                Moy Motorsport [two low overflights]
Renegade Spirit UK	G-BYIG	                J. Hatswell                         
Robin DR.400/160	G-BAEB	                P.D.W. King                         
TB.20 Trinidad		D-EAFS

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