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Farnborough 1998(2)

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Date: 7-13 September 1998

Made by: Alexis

Updated: 30 November 2003

Eurofighter, DASA
Will the European airspace be full of these 'Typhoons' within a couple of years? At Farnborough, a German example of the Eurofighter was demonstrated (9830).

Photo Gary Parsons

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

Those C/N's marked with an '*' were actually read. 

Reg        Type              C/N            Operator / Comments 
           GRIPEN                           Mock-up 
           EUROFIGHTER                      Mock-up 
           EUROFIGHTER                      Mock-up 
           B609                             Mock-up 
           L159                             Nose only Mock Up 
           DH-801                           Nose only 
           INTORA                           Not marked 
           CH1 ATI                          Not marked 
02         ANSAT                            Non-flying Prototype 
100003     SF340 AEW         379            Svenska Flygvapnet  Coded '003' 
100006     SF340 AEW         431            Svenska Flygvapnet  Coded '006' 
162142     C-2A              22             United States Navy 
164110     E-2C              142            United States Navy 
164465     SH-60B          * 70-1798        United States Navy  HSL-48 
165        MIG-21 bis      * N75001012      Aerostar / Elbit Systems Ltd 
165214     F-18C             1390           United States Navy CVW-17 Coded 'AA200' USS Eisenhower 
165409     F-18D             1430           United States Marine Corps 
27-00      HAWK                             Mock-up 
28         IAR-330         * 40             Fortele Aerien Romania 
304 BLUE   MIG-29 UBT      * 50903008134 
39132      JAS-39A           39132          Svenska Flygvapnet 
39133      JAS-39A           39133          Svenska Flygvapnet 
39801      JAS-39B           39801          Svenska Flygvapnet  Coded '70' 
4X-IGO     IAI1126         * 004            Israeli Aircraft Industries (dep 1715 on 9th)
598        SU-27P            36911037820    Gromv Flight Test Institue 
718        IAR-99            ?              Fortele Aerien Romania 
85-0005    C-5B              500-0091       United States Air Force 
86-8943    AH-64A            PV.313         United States Army  SFOR titles 
86-8949    AH-64A            PV.319         United States Army  SFOR titles 
89-00143   CH-47D          * M3297          United States Army 
90-0251    F-15E             E.153          United States Air Force  Coded 'LN' 
91-0342    F-16C             CC-40          United States Air Force  Coded 'SP' 
91-0420    F-16C             CC-118         United States Air Force  Coded 'SP' 
'917 BLUE' MIG-29 SMT      * 4710           Actual serial number is '35400' 
95-0001    RAH-66            66-003         United States Army (transported by the C-17) 
96-0007    C-17A             P-39           United States Air Force  437/315 AW 
97-26763   UH-60L          * 70-2431        United States Army 
97-5036    AH-64D            ?              United States Army 
9830       EUROFIGHTER       DA5 		  Flew 7th to 10th only 
B01        RAFALE B          B01            Also 'F-ZWVS' 
BGA4093    EA.9              EA9/0001       Coded 'HPJ' 
C-66       CL604           * 5366           Flyvevaabnet 
C-FKGX     BD700             9004           Departed 11th pm 
C-GEOZ     DHC-8 200Q      * 479            De Havilland Canada 
C-GFCW     DHC-8 300Q      * 489            De Havilland Canada (dep 12th?) 
C-GIHK     DHC-8 400Q      * 4004           De Havilland Canada (dep 12th?) 
D-BWAL     DO-328 JET        3099           Departed 9th 
EE416      METEOR            ? 
F-GSAA     F2000           * 36 
F-GSAI     F900EX          * 31 
F-GSTD     A300 B4-608ST     776/004        Airbus 
F-GVDN     F50EX           * 264            Departed 9th? 
F-WWKA     A330 242        * 181            Airbus 
F-WWLR     ATR-42 512      * 589            Tarom  Also 'YR-ATC' 
G-ABBB     BULLDOG IIA       7446           Also 'K2227' 
G-AMTV     DH-82A            3858 
G-ANNG     DH-82A            85504 
G-ANRF     DH-82A            83748          Hall 4 Stand J9 
G-ANXR     PROCTOR 4         H.803          Also 'RM221' 
G-APJJ     FAIREY ULTRA      F.9428 
G-ARHW     DH-104            04512 
G-ARNP     A.109             A.109-P1 
                             & B.503 
G-ARUG     AUSTER            3272 
G-ARZB     WA-116            B.203          'Little Nellie' 
G-AVJV     WA-117            K.402X 
G-AVLN     B.121             004 
G-AVMM     111 510ED         141            European Airlines 
G-BDDD     DHC-1 22          C1/0326 
G-BKFW     PROVOST T.1       PAC/F/303      Also 'XF597' 
G-BMIH     125 700B          257115 
G-BOAF     CONCORDE          100-016        British Airways (on 12th and 13th only)
G-BRMA     DRAGONFLY HR.5    WA/H/50        Also 'WG719' 
G-BRNM     LEOPARD           002 
G-BVGH     HUNTER T.7        HABL.004328    Also 'XL573' 
G-BVHC     G115              82005 
G-BVVC     HUNTER F.6A       S4/U/3362      Also 'XF516/8685M' Coded 'F' 
G-BVWC     CANBERRA B.6(mod) 71399          Also 'WK163' 
G-BWKC     HUNTER F.58       41H-697394     Royal Jordanian Air Force  Also '712/E' 
G-BWMD     F480              5013 
G-BWXC     T.67              2238 
G-BWXX     T.67              2258 
G-BXSF     C172              17280419 
G-BXZN     CH1 ATI           00002 
G-DHTT     DH-112 FB.50      821            Also 'WR421' 
G-DHUU     DH-112 FB.50      749            Also 'WR410' 
G-DHVV     DH-115 T.55       55092          Also 'XE897' 
G-DHWW     DH-115 T.55       979            Also 'XG775' 
G-DHXX     DH-100 FB.6       682            Also 'VT871' 
G-DHZZ     DH-115 T.55       990            Also 'WZ589' 
G-DOEA     AA-5              0895 
G-FFOX     HUNTER T.7B       41H-670792     Also 'WV318' 
G-FRAF     F20               295 
G-IIFR     R22B              2841 
G-LFIX     SPITFIRE TR.9     CBAF.6483      Also 'ML407' 
G-LOSM     METEOR NF.11      S4/U/2342      Also 'WM167' 
G-LUKY     R44               0357 
G-MGOM     MEDWAY RAVEN X    MRB110/106     Present on the 8th Only 
G-MZKD     MICROLIGHT        ?              Present on the 8th Only 
G-OPLC     DH-104            04212 
G-PBYY     F280              2077 
G-POWR     A109 POWER        11014 
G-RRGN     SPITFIRE PR.XIX   6S/594677      Also 'PS853' (arr 11th PM?)
G-SCLX     SPRINT            002            In FBA's hanger 
G-SURV     BN-2              4005 
G-VMPR     DH-115 T.11       15621          Also 'XE920' 
HB-FOG     PC-12           * 134 
HB-FON     PC-12           * 213 
HB-HPJ     PC-9            * 605 
I-LIOI     EH-101            50009/PP-9     Canadian Armed Forces Markings 
JY-RJU     DH-104            04540 
N28XJ      C90B            * LJ-1505        Jaguar Titles 
N61SL      AN-2            * 1GI7-527 
N70XX      MU300             A052SA 
NX71MY     VIMY              ?              Arrived 10th? 
N147DC     C-47              ?              Arr 11th PM 
N202GA     IAI1125 SPX       101 
N427F      B427              56004          Hall 4 Stand E2 
N459LJ     L45             * 009 
N487QS     GIV SP          * 1287 
N492BJ     400A            * RK-192 
N494TW     C-121A            2601 
N502GV     GV                502 
N604CC     CL604           * 5301 
N621LJ     L60             * 121 
N717QS     707 3J6B        * 20717          Quiet Skies Inc 
N787M      L-1011 100        1064           Flying Hospital 
N872AT     125 800XP       * 258278 
N1069S     B200            * BB-1549 
N1093Z     B200            * BB-1593 
N4242N     C-130J            5457           Royal Air Force 
N5028Y     777 3D7           29150          Thai Airways  Also 'HS-TKA' 
N8281      L35               232            Parked outside L Shed 
N10984     1900D           * UE-311         Proteus Airlines  Also 'F-GRCD' 
N59107     A300 B4-203       107            JHM / C-S Aviation 
OE-GBB     DO-328 110        3078           Tyrolean Air Ambulance 
OK-CDB     L410 UVP-E20    * 972730         LET 
OK-CZD     L-610G          * 970301         LET 
PA474      LANCASTER I       ?              Royal Air Force 13th Only 
PT-ZJA     EMB-135           145801 
PT-ZJD     EMB-145           145003 
RA01486    SU-29             ?              Arrived 11th PM? 
RA55419    SU-29             ?              Arrived 11th PM? 
SP-FYV     PZL-M28         * AJE-001-01 
U-05       F-50              ?              Koninklijke Luchmacht (flying on 7th,9th,10th)
U-06       F-50              20253          Koninklijke Luchmacht (flying on 8th only)
UR-74038   AN-74             36547097936 
VH-UFZ     Avro Avian III                   Lang Kidby, arr on the 10th, displ on the 13th 
VP-BQK     A109            * 7410 
VP293      SHACKLETON T.4    ?              Royal Air Force  Nose only Coded 'A' 
WK198      SWIFT F.4         ?              Fuselage only 
WL419      METEOR T.7        ?              Martin Baker 
XM602      VULCAN            ?              Nose only 
XT788      WASP              F8 4220?       Royal Navy  Coded '316' (Marked as XT78?) 
XV227      HS-801 MR.2       8002           Royal Air Force  Coded 27 (present the week before the show only) 
XV236      HS-801 MR.2       8011           Royal Air Force  Coded 36 
XX105      111 201AC         008            Royal Aircraft Establishment 
XX227      HAWK T.1A         41H-312063     Royal Air Force  Red Arrows 
XX233      HAWK T.1          41H-312069     Royal Air Force  Red Arrows 
XX237      HAWK T.1          41H-312073     Royal Air Force  Red Arrows 
XX252      HAWK T.1A         41H-312088     Royal Air Force  Red Arrows 
XX253      HAWK T.1A         41H-312089     Royal Air Force  Red Arrows 
XX260      HAWK T.1A         41H-312096     Royal Air Force  Red Arrows 
XX264      HAWK T.1A         41H-312100     Royal Air Force  Red Arrows 
XX266      HAWK T.1A         41H-312102     Royal Air Force  Red Arrows 
XX292      HAWK T.1          41H-312117     Royal Air Force  Red Arrows 
XX306      HAWK T.1A         41H-312131     Royal Air Force  Red Arrows 
XX307      HAWK T.1          41H-312132     Royal Air Force  Red Arrows 
'XX530'    BULLDOG         * BHG.120/307    Royal Air Force (Actually 'XX637' Coded 'F')
XZ732      LYNX HAS.3        208            Royal Navy  Coded '318' 
ZD402      HARRIER GR.7      P31            Royal Air Force  Coded '31' 
ZD433      HARRIER GR.7      P45            Royal Air Force  Coded '45' 
ZE165      TORNADO F.3       538            Royal Air Force  Coded 'ZK' 
ZE433      111 479FU         245            Ferranti (flew 7th-11th, dep 11th)
ZE602      G103 TX.1         33946          Royal Air Force  Coded 'XB' 
ZH271      G109B T.1         6576           Royal Air Force  Coded 'SD' 
ZH827      EH-101 HM.1A      ?              Royal Navy 
ZJ201      HAWK MK.200RDA    312358         British Aerospace (in McLaren Colours)

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