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Farnborough 1953

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Date: 13 September 1953

Made by: Anonymous


G-AHKB		Dragon Rapide
G-AINL		Bristol 170 Mk31
G-ALBO		Britannia 101
G-ALFT		Dove 2B
G-ALUN		SR45 Princess
G-AMMS		Auster J/5F
G-AMJI		Bristol 173
G-AMTS		Heron 2
G-AMTZ		Skeeter 5
G-AMWF		Bristol 170 Mk32
G-AMWI		Bristol 171 Mk4
G-AMZN		Dove 6
G-ANAP		Dove 1B
G-ANAR		Beaver 2
G-ANAZ		Pioneer 2
G-AMAV		Viscount 700
F-BGNN		Viscount 708
F-BGNX		Comet 1
PK-GHB		Heron 1
SX971		Lincoln B2
VR133		Wyvern TF1
VT935		BP P111A
VX770		Vulcan (prototype)
VX771		Vulcan (prototype)
VZ728		Desford
VZ966		WS51 Dragonfly
VX790		Avro 707B (blue)
WD820		Avro 707A (red)
WZ736		Avro 707A (orange)
WZ744		Avro 707C (silver)
XA177		Auster B4
XA209		Seamew AS1 (prototype)
XA863		Whirlwind HAR1
VW870		Wyvern S4
WB188		Hunter (prototype)
WB202		Hunter (prototype)
WB771		Victor (prototype)
WB781		Blackburn GR17 (prototype)
WB788		Blackburn GR17 (prototype)
WB491		Avro 706 Ashton
WD930		Canberra B2
WD952		Canberra B2
WE146		Canberra PR3
WE401		Venom FB1
WF147		Sea Hawk F1
WG240		DH110 Sea Vixen (prototype)
WG768		Short SB5
WJ716		Canberra B2
WJ954		Valiant B2 (prototype)
WK195		Swift F1
WK198		Swift F1
WL715		Sea Balliol T21
WL796		Shackleton MR2
WM503		Sea Venom NF20
WM873		Firefly T7
WN341		Gannet AS1
WS141		Meteor T7
WT557		Hunter F1
WT827		Javelin (prototype)
WV471		Provost T1
WV472		Provost T1
WV701		Pembroke C1
WX785		Venom NF3
WZ419		Vampire T11
WZ884		Chipmunk T10
WZ889		Beverley (prototype)

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