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Waddington 1995

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Date: 1 July 1995

Made by: Kevin Hall, Ian Old

Updated: 8 February 2003

XS603             ANDOVER 		Huntings
XX538/X           BULLDOG T1 		6FTS
XX638		  Bulldog T1		CFS
XX698/9	  	  Bulldog T1		CFS
XH169             CANBERRA PR9 		39(1PRU)sq
XS733/Q           DOMINIE T1		6FTS
ZE356/Q		  F-4J(UK)		crash rescue training
XW898/G		  Gazelle HT3		2 FTS
XX436/CU-39	  Gazelle HT2		705sq
ZB646/CU-59	  Gazelle HT2		705sq
ZD403/G           HARRIER GR7 		20(R)sq
ZD409/B           HARRIER GR7 		20(R)sq
ZD461/WH          HARRIER GR7 		1sq
XX187             HAWK T1 		6FTS
XX195/CA          HAWK T1 		100sq
XX231             HAWK T1 		19(R)sq/4FTS
XX235             HAWK T1 		19(R)sq/4FTS 
XV292             HERCULES C1 		LTW
PZ865		  Hurricane IIC		BBMF
XX116             JAGUAR GR1A 		16(R)sq
XX720/GB          JAGUAR GR1A 		54sq
XX965/C           JAGUAR GR1A 		16(R)sq
XN573             JET PROVOST T3        (NOSE ONLY) 
XP638/A		  Jet Provost T4	crash rescue training
XX500/H           JETSTREAM T1 		45(R)sq
PA474/WS-J	  Lancaster B1		BBMF
XZ255/631         LYNX HMA8 		702sq
XZ698/305         LYNX HAS3S 		815sq
XV232             NIMROD 		201sq 
XW664		  Nimrod R1		51sq
XZ284             NIMROD 		201sq
XV643/PW-703      SEA KING HAS6 	819sq
XV671/CU-188      SEA KING AEW2 	849sq
ZH104             E-3D SENTRY 
ZH106             E-3D SENTRY 
PM631/N		  Spitfire PR19		BBMF
ZA327/B-51	  Tornado GR1		TTTE
ZA362/B-09        TORNADO GR1 		TTTE
ZA399             TORNADO GR1 		617sq
ZA404/W           TORNADO GR1 		2sq
ZA559/F           TORNADO GR1 		15(R)sq
ZA560             TORNADO GR1 
ZE289/HF          TORNADO F3 		111sq
ZE732/AS          TORNADO F3 		56(R)sq
ZE760/GP          TORNADO F3 		43sq
ZE790/AO	  Tornado F3		56(R)sq
ZE839/AR          TORNADO F3 		56(R)sq
ZE887/DJ          TORNADO F3 		11sq
ZG792/DD          TORNADO GR1 		31sq
ZF417		  Tucano T1 		1 FTS
ZF512		  Tucano T1 		1 FTS
ZF513             TUCANO T1 		1FTS
ZD241/N           VC10 			101sq
XM607		  Vulcan B.2		preserved
XT602             WESSEX HC2 		60sq
XT672/WE          WESSEX HC2 		2FTS
XV720             WESSEX HC2 		22sq
G-BONT            T67 FIREFLY 
FA111		  F-16A		   	BAF
FA121		  F-16A		   	BAF
ET-022            F-16B                 RDAF 
ET-197            F-16B                 RDAF 
T-410             T-17 SUPPORTER        RDAF 
83/DB             NORD 262              FRENCH AF 
40+09             ALPHA JET             GERMAN AF 
40+05             ALPHA JET             GERMAN AF 
45+54             TORNADO IDS           GERMAN NAVY 
MM7030/6-14       TORNADO               ITALIAN AF 
MM7042/6-22       TORNADO               ITALIAN AF 
MM55030/32-41     AMX                   ITALIAN AF 
MM7112/32-01      AMX                   ITALIAN AF 
A-494             ALOUETTE III          RNLAF 
B-71              BO105                 RNLAF 
595               SU-27                 TEST PILOTS TEAM 
598               SU-27                 TEST PILOTS TEAM 
91-0329/LN        F-15E                 48 FW 
82-0805           F-117A STEALH         USAF 
85-0836           F-117A STEALH         USAF 
58-0005           KC-135A               (OLE-LIGHTNING) 
156516            P-3C                  US NAVY 
G-ARTL		  Tiger Moth		'T7281'
G-ASKH		  Mosquito T.3		'RR299/HT-E'
G-BEDF		  B-17G
G-BJAL		  C.1-131E
G-BOOM		  Hunter		'800/F'
G-BPHR		  Tiger Moth
G-BTDP		  TBM-3R		'53319'
G-BVLM		  Vampire T.55 		'109'
G-FRAS		  CC-117
G-FUZZ		  PA-18-95		'51-15319'
G-JUDI		  Harvard		'FX301'
G-LFIX		  Spitfire IX		'ML407/NL-D'
G-SDEV		  Sea Devon C20		'XK895'
G-TRIC		  Chipmunk
G-TSIX		  Harvard		'JZ-6'
G-USTV		  Bf.109G
N51RR		  P-51D			'VF-R'
N6965/G-AJTW	  Tiger Moth
OY-AVT		  L-18C
Civilian aircraft of unidentified types:

J-2312            MIRAGE III            SWISS AF 
J-2313            MIRAGE III            SWISS AF 
J-2322            MIRAGE III            SWISS AF 
J-2326            MIRAGE III            SWISS AF 
J-2327            MIRAGE III            SWISS AF 
J-2333            MIRAGE III            SWISS AF 
J-3046            F-5                   SWISS AF 
J-3037            F-5                   SWISS AF 
J-3043            F-5                   SWISS AF 
J-3061            F-5                   SWISS AF 
J-3066            F-5                   SWISS AF 
J-3069            F-5                   SWISS AF 
J-3201            F-5                   SWISS AF 
J-3204            F-5                   SWISS AF 
J-3207            F-5                   SWISS AF 
J-3209            F-5                   SWISS AF 

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