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Fairford 1986

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Date: 3 August 1986

Made by: David Rickwood, Martin Perkins


ST18			SIAI-Marchetti SF260MB 	EPE
ST33			SIAI-Marchetti SF260MB 	EPE
133094 094		Canadair CT-133 	GTTFlt,1 CAG
188749 749		McD-D CF-18A 		1 CAG
43+81			Panavia Tornado		MFG-1
59+21			Dornier Do28D 		MFG-5
61+16			Breguet Atlantic	MFG-3
89+55			Westland Sea King Mk41 	MFG-5
80-0228 WR pr		Fairchild A-10A 	510 TFS,81 TFW
81-0981 WR		Fairchild A-10A 	81 TFW
84-0187			McD-D KC-10A 		22 ARW
84-0466			Shorts C-23A 		10 MAS
64-0566			Lockheed MC-130E 	7 SOS
56-3617  bl/wh		Boeing KC-135A          340 ARW
56-3619  gn/y		Boeing KC-135A          2 BW   
57-2591  r/wh		Boeing KC-135A          410 BW 
58-0046  gn/wh		Boeing KC-135Q          380 BW 
60-0350			Boeing KC-135R 		319 BW
61-0271			Boeing KC-135A          5 BW   
62-3501  bl/y		Boeing KC-135A          42 BW  
62-3567			Boeing KC-135A          ???    
63-8036			Boeing KC-135R 		96 BW  
63-8039  y/r		Boeing KC-135R          379 BW 
64-14838 r/wh		Boeing KC-135R          97 BW  
68-0577 ZR gn/wh	McD-D RF-4C 		38 TRS,26 TRW
74-1049 SP r/wh		McD-D F-4E 		480 TFS,52 TFW
79-0036 BT		McD-D F-15C 		36 TFW
79-0046 BT bl		McD-D F-15C 		525 TFS,36 TFW
79-0050			McD-D F-15
84-1384 HR bl/y		GD F-16C 		10 TFS,50 TFW
84-1389			GD F-16C 		
67-0120 UH tig		GD F-111E 		79 TFS,20 TFW
68-0056 UH bl/wh	GD F-111E 		55 TFS,20 TFW
XS597			HS Andover C1 		Falcons
ZE395			BAe 125 CC3 		32 Sqn
XW547 CF		HS Buccaneer S2B 	12 Sqn
WH779 CK		EE Canberra PR7 	100 Sqn
XS735 R			HS Dominee T1 		6 FTS
XX320 V			BAe Hawk T1A 		151 Sqn,2 TWU
XL591 VC		Hawker Hunter T7 	237 OCU
XX833 Z			SEPECAT Jaguar T2 	41 Sqn
XW365 73		BAC Jet Provost T5A 	1 FTS
XX482 J			SAL Jetstream T1 	6 FTS
XX500 H			SAL Jetstream T1 	6 FTS	
XS898 BM		EE Lightning F6 	11 Sqn
XT872 T			McD-D Phantom FG1 	111 Sqn
XV469 T 		McD-D Phantom FGR2 	56 Sqn
ZE357 N 		McD-D Phantom F-4J(UK) 	74 Sqn
ZA366 366		Panavia Tornado GR1 	45 Sqn/TWCU
ZA598 598		Panavia Tornado GR1 	45 Sqn/TWCU
WZ507			Vampire
WR410			Venom
ZA148 G			Vickers VC10 K3 	101 Sqn
XM717			HP Victor K2 		55 Sqn
XH558			Avro Vulcan B2 		VDT
VP962 G-BLRB		De Havilland Devon C2 	Civil
KG874 YS-L G-DAKS	Douglas Dakota C4
AE-413 G-HUEY		Bell UH-1H
G-THEA 33 G-THEA	Boeing Stearman N2S-1
MH434 ZD-B G-A...	Supermarine Spitfire IX 
G-ATBG 17+ G-ATBG	Nord 1002
G-WULF 8+ G-WULF	Focke-Wulf Fw 190 	Replica
N94466 SU-E N94466	Curtiss P-40E 
133722 15F22 NX1337A	Vought F4U-7 
N80060 N80060		Pitts S-1 Special
G-BCGC / WP903		Chipmunk T10

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