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Colerne 1972

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Date: 17 June 1972

Made by: Peter Nicholson


WG725              	Dragonfly Mk.3
WS838              	Meteor NF.14
TX226                	Anson C.19
XA634               	Javelin FAW.4
191904  25         	Me.163 Komet
120227  2           	He.162 Salamander
2883    WB+A    	Ju.87D Stuka
D3419                	Sopwith Camel
D8096                	Bristol F2B
K1786                	Hawker Tomtit
TJ138                	Mosquito B.35
WB188              	Hawker P.1067
XR808               	VC.10 C.1               10 Squadron
WD159              	Valetta C.1
XF690   S          	Provost T.1
WT346              	Canberra B(I)8          16 Squadron
XD542                	Vampire T.11
XV187                	Hercules C.1            LTW
XV195                	Hercules C.1            LTW
VT229   60          	Meteor F.4
VX272                	Hawker P.1052
WK935               	Meteor F.8 (prone-nose)  
VT812   N          	Vampire F.3             601 Squadron
WJ676                	Canberra B.2
59-1565                	HH-43B Huskie        	40 ARRS
XP503                 	Gnat T.1                4 FTS
XP508                 	Gnat T.1                4 FTS
XP541                 	Gnat T.1                4 FTS
XR537                 	Gnat T.1                4 FTS
XW291   84          	Jet Provost T.5         Red Pelicans
XW294   87          	Jet Provost T.5         Red Pelicans
XW414   89          	Jet Provost T.5         Red Pelicans
XW421   90          	Jet Provost T.5         Red Pelicans
WA669                	Meteor T.7              CFS
XH304                  	Vampire T.11            CFS
LS326   5A          	Swordfish               RN Historic Flight
VR930                  	Sea Fury FB.11          RN Historic Flight
TF956   123/T		Sea Fury FB.11          RN Historic Flight
XV253                  	Nimrod Mr.1             42 Squadron
XN581   77           	Jet Provost T.3         CFS
P7350   ZH-T         	Spitfire II             BoB Memorial Flight
PA474   KM-B        	Lancaster B.2           BoB Memorial Flight
PM631	AD-C         	Spitfire PR.XIX         BoB Memorial Flight
XG160   30           	Hunter F.6              229 OCU
XR524   AF            	Wessex HC.2             72 Squadron
XM654                   Vulcan B.2              Waddington Wing
XS784                   Basset CC.1

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