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St. Mawgan 1992

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Date: 5 August 1992

Made by: Phil Globe


ALPHA JET         AT-08               BELGUIM AF 
F-16A             FA-77               BELGUIM AF 
F-16A             FA-92               BELGUIM AF 
F-16A             E-198               DANISH AF 
F-16B             ET-205              DANISH AF 
Bo 105            B-64                DUTCH AF 
MIRAGE 2000N      335     4-BJ        FRENCH AF 
MIRAGE 2000N      340     4-AA        FRENCH AF 
C-160             51+15               GERMAN AF 
McDD RF-4E        35+56               GERMAN AF 
TORNADO           45+53               GERMAN AF 
ATLANTIC          61+05               GERMAN NAVY 
Do-28             59+16               GERMAN NAVY 
BUCCANEER         XW527               RAF 
C-130K            XV292               RAF 
HARRIER GR5       ZD348   G           20 SQN RAF 
HAWK              XX185   CA          100 SQN RAF 
HAWK              XX383               RAF 
HS-125            XW799               RAF 
JETSTREAM         XX497   F           45 SQN RAF 
McDD F4M          XT914   Z           74 SQN RAF 
McDD F4M          XV393   Q           74 SQN RAF 
McDD F4M          XV460   R           74 SQN RAF 
NIMROD            XV243               RAF 
TORNADO F3        ZE210   FB          25 SQN RAF 
TORNADO F3        ZE808   FA          25 SQN RAF 
TORNADO F3        ZE983   EA          23 SQN RAF 
VC-10             ZA140               RAF 
P-3?              158933  LN-6        US NAVY 
P-3C              161006  LL-51       US NAVY 
F-111E            67-0122 UH          20 FW USAFE 
F-111E            68-0028 UH          20 FW USAFE 
F-15E             90-0256 LN          48 FW USAFE 
F-15E             90-0261 LN          48 FW USAFE 
KC-135            62-3528             USAFE 
CHIPMUNK          WP803 

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