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St Mawgan 1997

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Date: 6 August 1997

Made by: Wim Sonneveld


RS01            SeaKingMk48     40smd           
140106          CP-140          VP-405          
E-598           F-16A           esk730          
ET-022          F-16B           esk727          
61+04           BR1151          MFG-3           
46+15           Tornado         MFG-2           
mm40121/41-06   BR1150          88 Gruppo               
B-67            Bo105CB         299sqn          
D-665           CH-47D          298sqn          
308             P-3C-II         MarPatGrp               
NZ4206          P-3K            5sqn            
G-FRAP          Falcon20DC      FRAviation              
XX628/J         BulldogT1       Bristol UAS             
ZD465/55        HarrierGR7      1sqn            
XX341/1         HawkT1Astra     ETPS            
XV207/207       HerculesC3      LTW             
XZ108/GL        JaguarGR1A      54sqn           
XX146/GT        JaguarT2A       54sqn           
XV227/27        NimrodMR2       KW              
XW199/NB        PumaHC1         230sqn          
G-KAXL/K        ScoutAH1        private         XV140   
XZ587           SeaKingHAR3     22sqn           
XZ588           SeaKingHAR3     203sqn          
ZH542           SeaKingHAR3A    22sqn           
ZE755/GJ        TornadoF3       43sqn           
ZG776/AS        TornadoF3       56sqn           
ZG794/BP        TornadoGR1A     14sqn           
XR528           WessexHC2       instructional           
57-1457/D       KC-135R         351 ARS         
161122/LU-122   P-3C            VP-64           
Maintenance hangar:
XZ592           SeaKingHAR3     22sqn           
XZ593           SeaKingHAR3     22sqn           
XZ596           SeaKingHAR3     22sqn           
ZH541           SeakingHAR3A    22sqn           
AT25            AlphajetE       1 wing          spec c/s        
AT28            AlphajetE       1 wing          
FA118           F-16A           nmks            
FA132           F-16A           nmks            
J-364           F-16A           323sqn          spec c/s        
J-878           F-16A           323sqn          
....../648      F4U             private         NZ5648  
XX541/F         BulldogT1       Bristol UAS             
XZ995           HarrierGR3      BDRT            
ZD345/12        HarrierGR7      20sqn           
ZD464/54        HarrierGR7      20sqn           
XX244           HawkT1          79sqn           spec c/s        
G-GAII/VL861    HunterGA11      private         XE685   
G-BWGL/VL871    HunterT8C       private         XF357   
G-BWFT          HunterT8M       private         XL602   
XZ385/C         JaguarGR1A      16sqn           
ZA167/CU825     SeaKingHAS5U    771sqn          
ZH106           SentryAEW1      8sqn            
WL756/56        ShackletonAEW2  derelict                
...../SZ-G      SpitfireHF9B    private         MH434   
ZA355/B-54      TornadoGR1      TTTE            
ZA360/B-56      TornadoGR1      TTTE            
ZE737/FF        TornadoF3       25sqn           
ZE961           TornadoF3       nmks            
ZF136/136       TucanoT1        1FTS            spec c/s        
ZF292/292       TucanoT1        1FTS            spec c/s        
XL190           VictorK2        derelict

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