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Farnborough 1972

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Date: 9/10 September 1972

Made by:

Updated: 30 November 2003

158699                AV-8A                        HS 
158701                AV-8A                        HS 
158709                AV-8A                        HS 
E3                    JAGUAR E                     SEPECAT 
NZ6364    64          BAC167                       NO.14 SQN 
NZ6365    65          BAC167                       NO.14 SQN 
062                   SEA KING MK.43               SKV330 
E1069                 GNAT                         INDIAN AF 
E1070                 GNAT                         INDIAN AF 
U703                  HJT16 KIRAN                  INDIAN AF 
37002                 AJ37                         SAAB 
WA744     89+50       SEA KING MK.41               MFG5 
          G-BABM      HUNTER FR.74                 526 SINGAPORE ADF 
529       VB          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
536       VE          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
563       VF          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
541       VG          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
542       VH          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
562       VI          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
545       VK          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
546       VL          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
561       VM          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
576       VN          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
527                   CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
565                   CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
MM54290		      MB.326K
MM54390		      MB.326K
MM54391		      MB.326K
MM6248    1           G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE TRICOLORI 
MM6265    2           G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE TRICOLORI 
MM6244    3           G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE TRICOLORI 
MM6242    4           G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE TRICOLORI 
MM6249    5           G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE TRICOLORI 
MM6243    6           G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE TRICOLORI 
MM6261    7           G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE TRICOLORI 
MM6238    9           G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE TRICOLORI 
MM6260    10          G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE TRICOLORI 
MM6240    11          G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE TRICOLORI 
MM6250    12          G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE TRICOLORI 
MM6239    13          G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE TRICOLORI 
P6382		      Magister
XS613                 ANDOVER C.1                  NO.46 SQN 
XS641                 ANDOVER C.1                  NO.46 SQN 
XK530		      Buccaneer S.1
XW525                 BUCCANEER S.MK.2B            ? 
XV144		      COMET C2E			   RAE	ex BLEU
KP208		      Dakota C-47		   at Aldershot
XW845                 GAZELLE HT.2                 UUU 
XP514                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XP531                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR540                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR955                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR987                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR991                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR993                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XS101                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XS107                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XS111                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XV785                 HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.3 SQN 
XW764                 HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.3 SQN 
XW768                 HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.3 SQN 
XW769                 HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.3 SQN 
XW770                 HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.3 SQN 
XW916                 HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.3 SQN 
XW917                 HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.3 SQN 
XW926                 HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.3 SQN 
XV738                 HARRIER GR.MK.1A             NO.  SQN 
XW175                 HARRIER T.MK.2               NO.. SQN 
XV177		      HERCULES C.1
XV201                 HERCULES C.1                 NO.30 SQN 
XV210                 HERCULES C.1                 NO.30 SQN 
XE531		      HUNTER T12		   RAE	
XG209     69          HUNTER F.MK.6                NO.4 FTS 
XG274     71          HUNTER F.MK.6                NO.4 FTS 
PZ865     DT-A        HURRICANE IIC                BOB FLT. 
XW563     S-07        JAGUAR GR.1                  BAC 
XW566                 JAGUAR T.2                   BAC 
XW436                 JET PROVOST T.MK.5           BAC 
PA474     KM-B        LANCASTER                    BOB FLT. 
XM139                 LIGHTNING F.MK.1             SSTFF 
XM177                 LIGHTNING F.MK.1             SSTFF 
XW835                 LYNX AH.1                    UUU 
XW838                 LYNX AH.1                    UUU 
XX153                 LYNX AH.1                    UUU 
XX469                 LYNX AH.1                    UUU 
XV229                 NIMROD MR.1                  A&AEE 
XV438     A           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.6 SQN 
XV424     B           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.6 SQN 
XV407     D           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.6 SQN 
XV422     E           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.6 SQN 
XV495     K           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.6 SQN 
XV423     R           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.6 SQN 
XT891                 PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.6 SQN 
XV496     G           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.41 SQN 
XF844		      Provost T.1		   RAE
XW206     CC          PUMA HC.1                    NO.33 SQN 
XW207     CD          PUMA HC.1                    NO.33 SQN 
XW208     CE          PUMA HC.1                    NO.33 SQN 
XW210     CG          PUMA HC.1                    NO.33 SQN 
XW211     CH          PUMA HC.1                    NO.33 SQN 
XW212     CJ          PUMA HC.1                    NO.33 SQN 
XW216     CN          PUMA HC.1                    NO.33 SQN 
XW227     CO          PUMA HC.1                    NO.33 SQN 
XW231                 PUMA HC.1                    RAE 
XP166		      SCOUT AH1			   RAE	ex ETPS
XT640		      SCOUT AH1			   665 Sqn.	
XV126		      SCOUT AH1			   665 Sqn.	
XW615		      SCOUT AH1			   665 Sqn.	
XW616		      SCOUT AH1			   665 Sqn.	
TF956     T123        SEA FURY FB.11               RN HISTORICAL FLT. 
XT193		      Sioux AH.1		   B.Eagles
XT134		      Sioux AH.1		   B.Eagles
XT206		      Sioux AH.1		   B.Eagles
XT242		      Sioux AH.1		   B.Eagles
XT511		      Sioux AH.1		   B.Eagles
XT567		      SIOUX AH1			   3 Div. AIR REGIMENT	
XW192		      Sioux AH.1		   B.Eagles
P7350     ZH-T        SPITFIRE II                  BOB FLT. 
XR517     AN          WESSEX HC.2                  NO.72 SQN 
XM330                 WESSEX HAS.1                 RAE 
XL728                 WESSEX HC.2                  RAE 
XS241		      WESSEX HU2	 	   RAE	
XV732		      WESSEX HCC4		
XJ429                 WHIRLWIND HAR.10             NO.22 SQN/'B' FLT. 
XP347                 WHIRLWIND HAR.10             NO.22 SQN/'B' FLT. 

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