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Farnborough 1966

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Date: 5-11 September 1966

Made by: Ian J Mcgarrigle


I-FAZD  	Aermacchi MB.326                                       
MM54183         Aermacchi MB.326                                       
I-AGUG          Agusta-Bell 204B                                       
G-ALZP          Airspeed AS.57 Ambassador	                     
XA903           Avro 698 Vulcan B1              	RR Olympus Testbed
XL443           Avro 698 Vulcan B1                                
WR973           Avro Skackleton MR3                               
G-ATPL          BAC 1-11-301AG                                    
G-ASYD          BAC 1-11-400                                      
WG774           BAC 221                                           
G-ASOF          Beagle 206                                        
XS777           Beagle 206 Basset CC1                             
G-ATUK          Beagle 206S                                       
G-ATVT          Beagle 206S                                       
G-ATYD          Beagle 206S                                       
G-ATYE          Beagle 206S                                       
G-ASNC          Beagle D5/180 Husky             	Crop Sprayer      
G-ATMH          Beagle D5/180 Husky                               
G-ASCC          Beagle E3                                         
XV157           Blackburn Buccaneer S2                            
ATL.15          Breguet 1150 Atlantic           	French Navy       
G-ATCT          Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander       	Prototype         
G-ATWU          Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander       	Loganair C/s      
G-AEML          De Havilland 89A Dragon Rapide                         
G-ASKH          De Havilland 98 Mosquito T3       	As RR299             
G-ATTS          De Havilland Canada 1Chip		Rover Turbine Engine 
CF-UBN          De Havilland Canada 2 Tur                     
CF-UXE          De Havilland Canada 6 Twi                     
G-APNZ          Druine-Rollerson D.31 Tur       	Tiger Club          
G-ARLZ          Druine-Rollerson D.31 Tur               Tiger Club          
G-ARRZ          Druine-Rollerson D.31 Tur               Tiger Club          
G-ARZM          Druine-Rollerson D.31 Tur               Tiger Club          
G-ASAM          Druine-Rollerson D.31 Tur               Tiger Club          
G-ASDB          Druine-Rollerson D.31 Tur               Tiger Club          
WJ632           English Electric Canberra               B                   
XP697           English Electric Lightning                                   
XR770           English Electric Lightning              Saudi AF C/s        
G-EBNV          English Electric Wren    	        = BAPC-011 Composite
G-AJVH          Fairey Swordfish 2                      As LS326 RNHF       
MM6432          Fiat G.91T/1                            Coded SA-82         
MM6433          Fiat G.91T/1                                        
PH-FKA          Fokker F-27-400                                     
XS101           Folland Gnat T1                                     
G-ASBP          Handley-Page HPR-7-204 He                           
XL193           Handley-Page H.P. 80 Victor B.2               
AP-AUG          Hawker-Siddeley 121 Tride	                     
G-ATSP          Hawker-Siddeley 125-1A/S5                     
XS738           Hawker-Siddeley 125 Dominie       	Coded 'U'     
G-ASJT          Hawker-Siddeley 748-107                       
VP-LIO          Hawker-Siddeley 748-1A-20                     
G-ATMJ          Hawker-Siddeley 748-225                       
XS595           Hawker-Siddeley 748 Andover                     
XV276           Hawker-Siddeley Harrier GR1       	HSA Development Aircr
XS695   	Hawker-Siddeley Kestrel FGA1                           
G-ABMR          Hawker Hart 1            		As J9941             
708             Hawker Hunter FGA.9                     Jordan Air Force     
LF363           Hawker Hurricane 2C             	BBMF                 
XR669           Hunting Jet Provost T4          
MM578           Piaggio-Douglas PD.808                               
G-EBIA          RAE SE.5A                       	As D7000             
G-ASCO          Short SC.7 Skyvan 2                                  
G-ATPG          Short SC.7 Skyvan 2-200                              
367             Slingsby T.51 Dart                                   
G-EBKY          Sopwith Pup                     	As N5180             
G-ASHS          Stampe SV.4B                                         
G-AISU          Supermarine 349 Spitfire        	As AB910 BBMF        
F-ZWWV          VFW C.160 Transall              	Prototype            
G-ATVP          Vickers FB.5 Gunbus Repli       	As 2345              
XR807           Vickers VC10 C.1K                                    
G-ATHL          Wallis WA.116                                        
XT245           Westland-Bell Sioux AH1                              
XN386           Westland 55 Whirlwind HAR                            
XT225           Westland 58 Wessex HAS3                              
XR521           Westland 58 Wessex HC2                               
XT606           Westland 58 Wessex HC2                               
XT484           Westland 58 Wessex HU5                               
XT759           Westland 58 Wessex HU5                               
XT640           Westland Scout AH1                                   
NZ3902          Westland Wasp HAS1              	New Zealand Air Force
XT782           Westland Wasp HAS1                                   
Flying Display:
1x              A.W.Argosy               	114 Sqdn.            
6x              Blackburn Buccaneer             809 Sqdn.      
10x             De Havilland 110 Sea Vixen      892 Sqdn.      
3x              Fairey Gannet                   849 Sqdn.      
9x              Folland Gnat T1                 CFS Red Arrows 
5x              Westland 58 Wessex              826 Sqdn.      

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