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Coltishall 1980

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Date: 20 September 1980

Made by: Rodney Martins


A10A		90109/WR		81 TFW          
Gazelle		XZ941/AA	        	        
Wasp		XT431/462	        829 Sqn         
Sea King	ZA105		        202 Sqn         
Devon		VP981		        207 Sqn         
BAC1-11		XX105		        RAE             
Meteor		WA662		        RAE             
Hawk		XX316		        1 TWU           
F100F		GT-949		                        
Hunter		XE665		        208 Sqn         
Dominie		XS734/N		        6 FTS           
Jetstream	XX482/J		        6 FTS           
Bulldog		XX659/S		        Cambridge UAS   
OV-10		13556		        601 TCW         
A10A		90130/WR	        81 TFW          
Canberra	WH848		        231 OCU         
Dash-7		132002		        CAF             
Vulcan		XL392		                        
Victor		XL161		        57 Sqn          
Draken		AT-153		                        
Lightning	XR725/F		        LTW             
Mirage F.1C	No.242/30-FM	        EC-30           
Buccaneer	XT273		        237 OCU         
C130K		XV185, XV192	        LTW             
F15C		78.0547/BT	        36 TFW          
F5E		01548/48	        527 TFTAS       
TF104G		RT-667		                        
Harrier GR.3	XZ133/A		        233 OCU         
F111E		80074/UH	        20 TFW          
Jet Provost T.5	XW299/40	        RAFC            
Spitfire	AR213, MH434	        	        
Sea King	XZ594, XZ598	        202 Sqn         
Phantom FGR.2	XV426/Q		        228 OCU         
Hunter		XE597/F		        1 TWU           
Jaguar GR.1	XX113/09	        226 OCU         
Hawk T.1	XX303/303	        1 TWU           
		XX301/301	        1 TWU           
Shackelton	WL741/41	        8 Sqn           
Harrier GR.3	XV762/G		        233 OCU         
Vulcan		XL389		                        
Canberra	WJ817		        231 OCU         
Nimrod		XV248/48	        	        
Phantom FGR.2	XV407/O		        56 Sqn          
Puma HC.1	XW227, XW217                            
		XW220, XW219	        	        
Jaguar GR.1	XZ114/B		        41 Sqn          
Phantom FGR.2	XV404/H, XV499/L        		
		XV478/M, XV414/R	56 Sqn		

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