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Leuchars 1967

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Date: 16 September 1967

Made by: Michael Branford


WE139		Canberra PR3                  
WE195	        Canberra T4	231OCU        
WG555/K	        Shackleton	204 sqn       
WJ620/L	        Canberra                      
WV257	        Hunter GA11	Rough Diamonds
WW659	        Hunter GA11	Rough Diamonds
XE682	        Hunter GA11	Rough Diamonds
XF301	        Hunter GA11	Rough Diamonds
XG185/74        Hunter FGA9	              
XH558	        Vulcan B2                     
XH591	        Victor	K1A	              
XJ724	        Whirlwind HAR10	202 sqn       
XL479/261/V	Gannet AEW3	849 sqn
XM491		Britannia C1     
XM603	        Vulcan B2              
XM715	        Victor K2	543 sqn
XN605/9	        Jet Provost T3	6 FTS  
XP954	        Sea Vixen FAW2	893 sqn
XR723/L		Lightning F6	11 sqn
XR724/M		Lightning F6	11 sqn
XS904/A		Lightning F6	11 sqn
XS919/C		Lightning F6	11 sqn
XS928/D		Lightning F6	11 sqn
XS929/E		Lightning F6	11 sqn
XS930/F		Lightning F6	11 sqn
XS931/G		Lightning F6	11 sqn
XS933/J		Lightning F6	11 sqn
XS934/K		Lightning F6	11 sqn
XR725/A		Lightning F6	23 sqn
XR752/U		Lightning F6	23 sqn
XR753/V		Lightning F6	23 sqn
XR757/R		Lightning F6	23 sqn
XS936/B		Lightning F6	23 sqn
XS937/C		Lightning F6	23 sqn
XS938/E		Lightning F6	23 sqn
XS736		Dominie T1	COAW
XV166		Buccaneer S2	736 sqn
XV335/656	Buccaneer S2	636 sqn
10563/MU-B	F-5		338 sqn Norwegian AF
10564/MU-C	F-5		338 sqn Norwegian AF
10571/MU-F	F-5		338 sqn Norwegian AF
10573/MU-H	F-5		338 sqn Norwegian AF
10595/MU-Z	F-5		338 sqn Norwegian AF
69212/MU-L	F-5		338 sqn Norwegian AF
12698		C-119 Packet	Norwegian AF
0-40661		C-123		USAF
0-93807		C-47		USAF
63-7764		C-130E		513 TAW
64-1021		RF-4C		10 TRW
64-1027		RF-4C		10 TRW
64-1028		RF-4C		10 TRW
64-1031		RF-4C		10 TRW
64-1032		RF-4C		10 TRW
C-6		F27M		334 sqn	Klu
D-8051		F104G		Klu
D-8311		F104G		Klu
D-8342		F104G		Klu

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