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Coltishall 1968

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Date: 14 September 1968

Made by: J. Price-Stevens, Martin Till

Updated:  3 October 2013

0-53666          F-100D                  20th TFW 
0-60109          RF-101C                 66th TRW 
40884            F-4C                    92nd TFS 
N-618            C-54D                   Esk 721 
RT-681           TF-104D                 Esk 723/726
R-645            F-104G                  Esk 723/726 

R-647 F-104G Esk 723/726 R-707 F-104G Esk 723/726 55-711/A Lightning T55 Royal Saudi AF 55-712/B Lightning T55 Royal Saudi AF 55-713/C Lightning T55 Royal Saudi AF 55-714/D Lightning T55 Royal Saudi AF XR763/G Lightning F6 23sq XP541/41 Gnat T1 4 FTS XM988/988 Lightning T4 226 OCU XS420/420 Lightnin T5 226 OCU WR972 Shackleton MR3 RAE Farnborough XR702/46 Jet Provost T4 3 FTS XG225/58 Hunter F6 229 OCU XL617/95 Hunter T7 229 OCU XM651 Vulcan B2 Waddington Wg XM278/O Canberra B(1)8 14sq XS729/G Dominie T1 1 ANS XH592 Victor BK1A TTF.Marham TG505/505 Hastings T5 SCBS Lindholme WL689/NE/E Varsity T1 RAFC XH897/A Javelin FAW9 RAE Boscombe Down HANGER DISPLAY: EE419/MR-V Meteor F3 Coltishall WH364/U Meteor F8 85sq SL542 Spitfire LF16 from Maingate XM718 Lightning F1A 226 OCU XM214 Lightning F1A 226 OCU XM970/970 Lightning T4 226 OCU FLYING: XP398 Whirlwind HAR10 202sq XG160/30 Hunter F6 229 OCU XE608/32 Hunter F6 229 OCU XF526/38 Hunter F6 229 OCU XG199/44 Hunter F6 229 OCU XK149/7 Hunter F6 229 OCU VP971 Devon C2 PA474/KM-B Lancast B1 BoBMF XM497 Britannia C1 XJ604/VL/303 Sea Vixen FAW2 892sq XJ609/VL/306 Sea Vixen FAW2 892sq XN687/VL/307 Sea Vixen FAW2 892sq XN690/VL/304 Sea Vixen FAW2 892sq XN694/VL/305 Sea Vixen FAW2 892sq XN705/VL/302 Sea Vixen FAW2 892sq WB652/2 Chipmunk RAFC WK573/6 Chipmunk RAFC WP912/8 Chipmunk RAFC WK591/9 Chipmunk RAFC XN468/41 Jet Provost T4A CFS Red Pelicans XS222/43 Jet Provost T4A CFS Red Pelicans XS213/46 Jet Provost T4A CFS Red Pelicans XS225/47 Jet Provost T4A CFS Red Pelicans XS217/50 Jet Provost T4A CFS Red Pelicans XP706/D Lightning F3 111sq XP740/J Lightning F3 111sq XV103 VC-10 10sq XV212 Hercules C1 WE188 Canberra 231 OCU XR534/93 Gnat T1 CFS STATIC AND ON AIRFIELD: XT800 Sioux AH1 XS678/K Wessex HC2 72sq XV272 Beaver AL1 XN980/LM652 Buccaneer XL480/BY763 Gannet AEW3 XS732/B Dominie T1 CAW XP562/49 Jet Provost T4 XS184/62 Jet Provost T4 XS640 Andover C1 XL929 Pembroke C1 XE582/A Hunter FR10 4sq XE626/U Hunter FR10 4sq XJ633/K Hunter FR10 4sq XJ714/B Hunter FR10 4sq XG204/70 Hunter F6 4 FTS NOT IN AIR SHOW: XD182 WHIRLWIND HAR10. 202sq XK149 7 Hunter XM379 10 JET PROVOST T.3 3 FTS XP504 95 GNAT CFS LIGHTNING F.1A:XM171,XM172,XM180, XM182,XM183,XM189, T.4 :XM969,XM972,XM973,XM974, T.5: XS419,XS421,XS422,XS423,XS449,XS452,XS454,XS458,XS459. FIRE DUMP: WK786 P METEOR F.8 XH396 JAVELIN T.3 FLY PAST: 4x F-4 USAFE. 5x RF-101C USAFE 4x F-100 USAFE


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