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Aldergrove 1998

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Date: 7 November 1998

Made by:


0928             Mi-24V 
43+47            Tornado             (51 on the badge) 
45+85            Tornado             (51 on the badge) 
MM7053/50-07     Tornado 
MM7014/50-43     Tornado 
XX160            Hawk                74Sqn 
XX176            Hawk                74Sqn 

Hangar 1: 
XW212/AA         Puma                President Roosevelt 1 
XW226            Puma 
XW234/AB         Puma                Bahamas 1 
ZA296/VO         Sea King 
ZF118/VP         Sea King 
ZF119/VH         Sea King 

Hangar 2: 
XR497/F          Wessex 
XR506/V          Wessex 
XR511/L          Wessex 
XT676/I          Wessex 
XV726/J          Wessex 

Hangar 3: 
XW198            Puma 
XW209            Puma 
XW213/NE         Puma 
XW214/AC         Puma                (rubbed out) 
XW220            Puma 
XW221            Puma 
XW231            Puma 
XW236            Puma 
ZA935            Puma 
ZA938            Puma 
ZA939            Puma 
ZA682/BG         Chinook 

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