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Cosford 1983

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Date: 12 June 1983

Made by: David Miller


XW906	J		Gazelle HT.3		2 FTS	                      
XX670	C	        Bulldog T.1	        Birmingham UAS	              
XX672	E	        Bulldog T.1	        Birmingham UAS	              
"ZA322"		        Tornado FSM	        RAFEF	                      
XN962			Bucaneer S.2	        RAFEF      nose & cockpit only
R74		        Blanik		        RAFGSA	                      
XP411/8447M/C		Argosy T.2	        2 SoTT	                      
XP444/8455M		Argosy C.1	        2 SoTT	                      
XR107	B		Argosy T.2	        2 SoTT	                      
WL801			Shackleton MR.2	        2 SoTT	                      
WR974	K		Shackleton MR.3	        2 SoTT	                      
WR982/8106M/J		Shackleton MR3 	        2 SoTT	                      
WR985	H		Shackleton MR3 	        2 SoTT	                      
WH960	A		Canberra B.15	        2 SoTT	                      
WH984/8101M		Canberra B.15	        2 SoTT	                      
WK102/8780M/EQ		Canberra T.17	        2 SoTT	                      
WT536	F		Canberra PR.7	        2 SoTT	                      
XH136/8782M/W		Canberra PR.9	        2 SoTT	                      
XH171/8746M/U		Canberra PR.9	        2 SoTT	                      
XP514/8635M		Gnat T.1	        2 SoTT	                      
XJ607			Sea Vixen FAW.2	        2 SoTT	                      
XN691/8143M/N		Sea Vixen FAW.2	        2 SoTT	                      
XL623	90		Hunter T.7	        2 SoTT	                      
XG337			Lightning  F.1	        Museum	                      
TX214			Anson C.19	        Museum	                      
Hanger Display:				
XR987/8891M		Gnat T.1		2 SoTT	
XS107/8639M		Gnat T.1		2 SoTT	
2 SoTT Hanger:				
WJ640			Canberra B.2		2 SoTT	      
WL798			Shackleton MR.2C	2 SoTT
WT346			Canberra B(I)8		2 SoTT
WR971	Q	        Shackleton MR.3		2 SoTT      
XH592	L	        Victor K.1A		2 SoTT      
XH593	T	        Victor K.1A		2 SoTT      
XJ571	133-E	        Sea Vixen FAW.2		2 SoTT      
XN685	703-VL	        Sea Vixen FAW.2		2 SoTT      
XN816		        Argosy E.1		2 SoTT      
XR571	23	        Gnat T.1		2 SoTT      
XR977		        Gnat T.1		2 SoTT      
XS104	44	        Gnat T.1		2 SoTT      
Flying Display:				
	WR		A-10A			81st TFW	       
XT284	H	        Bucaneer S.2		237 OCU	       
ZA544		        Tornado GR.1	        TWCU	      
XX308		        Hawk T.1	        4 FTS	      
XS709	M	        Domini T.1	        6 FTS	      
XV200		        Hercules C.1P	        LTW	      
XX669	B	        Bulldog T.1		Birmingham UAS
XX671	D	        Bulldog T.1		Birmingham UAS
WF791		        Meteor T.7	        Vintage Pair  
XH304		        Vampire T.11	        Vintage Pair  
PA474	AJ-G	        Lancaster	        BoBMF         
P7350	SH-D	        Spitfire IIA	        BoBMF         
RR229	HT-E	        Mosquito T.3	               
KG374	YS-L	        DC-3			G-DAKS                 
485784		        B-17G	                       
N1344		        Ryan PT-22	               
J-108		        Pilatus P2-05		G-BJAX         
192		        Broussard		G-BKPT         
G-ROLL		        Pitts S.2A	               
G-WREN		        Pitts S.2A	               
G-BBOH		        Pitts S.1H	               
G-BBME		        B.A.C. 1-11		British Airways
G-ZLIN		        Zlin Z.526                     
G-AXVK		        Campbell Cricket               
+9 Hawks of "The Red Arrows"		
Pleasure Flying:		
G-BBOR			Jet Ranger II
G-ASSS			Cessna 172E
G-ATIR			SV4C Stampe
G-ATOK			Cherokee 140

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