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Finningley 1976

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Date: 4 September 1976

Made by: Nigel R Sadler, Ian Dennis Old

Updated: 1 August 2002

CH-05		C-130H		  20 Sm - 1 Wing                 
MT-11/268	CM-170		  "Diables Rouge"                
MT-15/272	CM-170		  "Diables Rouge"                
MT-18/275	CM-170		  "Diables Rouge"                
MT-21/276	CM-170		  "Diables Rouge"                
MT-31/288	CM-170		  "Diables Rouge"                
MT-39/314	CM-170		  "Diables Rouge"                
MT-5/252	CM-170		  "Diables Rouge"                
100549		Fa-330	
R-757		F-104G 		  Esk 726                        
RT-683		F-104		  Esk 726                        
C-10		F27-300M	  334 Sqdn                       
D-8091		F-104G		  312 Sqdn                       
K-3031		F-5A 		  316 Sqdn                       
68-0012/UH	F-111E		  20 TFW                         
68-0016/UH	F-111E		  20 TFW                         
68-0051/UH	F-111E		  20 TFW                         
PA474/KM-B	Lancaster B.1	  BofBMF                         
PM631/AD-C	Spitfire PR.19	  BofBMF                         
TJ138/VO-L	Mosquito 35	  Finningley Museum (98 Sqdn Mks)
WB530		Devon C.2	  207 Sqdn                       
WB533		Devon C.2	  207 Sqdn                       
WE600		Auster T.7	  Finningley Museum              
WG402		Chipmunk T.10	  367 Sqdn ATC (Cockpit Only)    
WG407/81	Chipmunk T.10	  9 AEF                          
WL168		Meteor F.8	  Finningley Museum, as "WH456/L"
WH740/K		Canberra T.17	  360 Sqdn                       
WJ919		Varsity T.1	  (Fire Dump)                    
WJ920/R		Varsity T.1	  (Fire Dump)                    
WJ944		Varsity T.1	  (Fire Dump)                    
WK281/S		Swift FR.5	  Finningley Museum (79 Sqdn Mks)
WL747/47	Shackleton AEW.2  8 Sqdn
WR977/B		Shackleton MR.3/3 Finningley Museum
WZ736		Avro 707A	  Finningley Museum
X4590/PR-F	Spitfire 1	  Finningley Museum
XA549/E		Javelin FAW.1	                   
XD506		Vampire T.11	  Finningley Museum
XD674/T		Jet Provost T.1	                   
XF545/P-Z	Provost T.1	  Finningley Museum
XH170		Canberra PR.9	  39 Sqdn          
XH651		Victor K.1A	  241 OCU          
XL149/X		Beverley C.1	  Finningley Museum
XL192		Victor K.2	  57 Sqdn          
XL388		Vulcan B.2	  44 Sqdn          
XL444		Vulcan B.2	  617 Sqdn         
XM597		Vulcan B.2	  50 Sqdn          
XM708/18	Gnat T.1	  4 FTS            
XN819		Argosy C.1	  115 Sqdn         
XP351		Whirlwind HAR.10  202 Sqdn
XP357		Whirlwind HAR.10  202 Sqdn
XP395		Whirlwind HAR.10  202 Sqdn
XP404		Whirlwind HAR.10  202 Sqdn
XP560/W		Jet Provost T.4	  "Fire Dump"
XR518		Wessex HC.2	  22 Sqdn    
XR628/B		Scout AH.1	  666 Sqdn   
XR720/M		Lightning F.3	  11 Sqdn    
XS216/Q		Jet Provost T.4	  "Fire Dump"
XS230		Jet Provost	             
XS709/M		Dominie T.1	  6 FTS      
XS711/L		Dominie T.1	  6 FTS      
XS713/C	        Dominie T.1	  6 FTS      
XS727/D	        Dominie T.1	  6 FTS      
XS728/E	        Dominie T.1	  6 FTS      
XS729/G	        Dominie T.1	  6 FTS      
XS730/H	        Dominie T.1	  6 FTS      
XS731/J	        Dominie T.1	  6 FTS      
XS732/B	        Dominie T.1	  6 FTS      
XS734/N	        Dominie T.1	  6 FTS      
XS737/K	        Dominie T.1	  6 FTS      
XS739/F	        Dominie T.1	  6 FTS      
XS920/E	        Lightning F.6	  11 Sqdn    
XS936/G	        Lightning F.6	  11 Sqdn    
XT121/R	        Sioux AH.1	  666 Sqdn    
XT680		Wessex HC.2	  22 Sqdn     
XV101/101	VC-10 C.1	  10 Sqdn     
XV204/204	C-130 C.1	  LTW         
XV233/33	Nimrod MR.1	  Kinloss Wing
XV301/301	C-130 C.1	  LTW         
XW220/DD	Puma HC.1	  230 Sqdn    
XW287/P		Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW291/Z		Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW293		Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW296/Q		Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW298/O	        Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW302/T	        Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW304/X	        Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW306/Y	        Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW307/S	        Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW309/V	        Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW311/W	        Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW324/U	        Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW352/R	        Jet Provost T.5B  6 FTS
XW357/5		Jet Provost T.5A  RAFC "Poachers"
XW375/10	Jet Provost T.5A  RAFC "Poachers"
XW420/8		Jet Provost T.5A  RAFC "Poachers"
XW422/3		Jet Provost T.5A  RAFC "Poachers"
XW424/62	Jet Provost T.5	  1 FTS
XW428/70	Jet Provost T.5	  1 FTS
XW437/1		Jet Provost T.5A  RAFC "Poachers"
XW791		BAe-125	 	  32 Sqdn      
XW870/F		Gazelle HT.3	  CFS          
XW919/09	Harrier GR.3	  1 Sqdn       
XX477		Jetstream T.1	  Fuselage Only
XX515/7		Bulldog T.1	  RNEFTS       
XX516/10	Bulldog T.1	  RNEFTS       
XX529/11	Bulldog T.1	  RNEFTS       
XX706/06	Bulldog T.1	  6 FTS        
XX708/08	Bulldog T.1	  6 FTS        
XX750/22	Jaguar GR.1	  226 OCU      
XX757/12	Jaguar GR.1	  226 OCU      
XX766/14	Jaguar GR.1	  226 OCU      
XX895		Buccaneer S.2B	  12 Sqdn      
Z7197		Proctor		  Finningley Museum
G-AXXH		Islander	                                 
G-AYMW		AB-206	                                         
G-BAKF		AB-206	                                         

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