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St Athan 1975

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Date: 20 September 1975

Made by: Paul Carr


Alouette II          G-AWFY 
Argosy  C.1          XN817 
Argosy  E.1          XR143 
Auster AOP.9         XP282 
Lancaster I          PA474/KM:B 
Shackleton AEW.2     WL790 
Vulcan B.2           XM575 
VC.10 C.1            XV102 
Jet Provost T.5A     XW294, XW299, XW357/5, XW360/1, XW374/75, XW420/8, 
                     XW427, XW428/2 
Bell 47G-3B-1        G-BCZK 
Britannia C.1        XL657 
Devon C.2            WB530 
Beaver AL.1          XP827 
C-47A                K-687  (RDAF) 
Canberra PR.9        XH175 
Lightning F.3        XR751/R 
Lightning F.6        XR725/P, XR761/A 
Magister             535, 541, 545, 546, 561, 563, 
                     564, 565 plus two others (Patrouille de France) 
Meteor NF.11         WD790 
Hastings T.5         TG505 
Victor K.1           XA937 
Hunter FGA.9         XG254/K 
Gnat T.1             XP542, XS100, XS106/36 
Dominie T.1          XS714 
Nimrod MR.1          XV249, 259 
Jodel D.9            c/n PFA/942 (under construction, later became G-BHSI) 
Jodel D.117          G-AWVB 
Jodel DR.1050        G-AYBP 
Hercules C-130E      64-0569 
C-130K C.1           XV215 
Noratlas             77/321-BG (FrAF) 
Harvard IIB          G-BDAM 
F-100D               G-263, G-290, G-763, G-767 
F-100F               GT-982  (RDAF) 
PA-34-200-2          G-AZVJ (Glamair) 
Pitts S-1S           G-AZPH 
Jetstream T.1        XX481 
Bulldog T.1          XX625/45, XX628/48 
Jaguar T.2           XX828/P 
Belfast C.1          XR362 
Shorts SC.9          XH132 
Cadet TX.3           'VM791'/XA312 
Stampe SV-4C         G-AXYW 
Spitfire Vb          AB910/QJ:J 
Whirlwind HAR.10     XP350 
Wessex HU.5          XS517/WV 
Puma HC.1            XW226/DK 

Jet Provost T.3      XN512/8435M 
Jet Provost T.4      XP585/8436M, XS182/8408M, XS209/8409M 
Chipmunk T.10        WP905/7348M 
Lightning F.1        XG327/8188M 
CR.42                MM5701/13:95 
Storch               475081 
Fw190                584219 
He111                701152 
Hunter F.4           WT746/A/7770M, XF974/C/7949M 
Buccaneer S.1        XN928/8179M, XN972/8181M 
Ju87                 49403/WB+A 
Ju88                 360043/D5+EV 
Me110                730301/OL 
Me163                191904 
Ki-46                5439/BAPC-84 
Pembroke C.1         WV703/8108M, WV704/8109M, WV741, WV743/8112M, 
                     WV753/8113M, XK862/8194M 
Whirlwind HAR.10     XL111/8000M 

Auster AOP.9         WZ662 
Avro 504K            H1968/BAPC-42  replica 
Bristol Scout        A1742/BAPC-38  replica 
Vampire FB.9         WL505 
Canberra B.2         WD935 
Meteor  T.7          WA634 
Meteor NF.14         WS843 
Hawker P.1052        VX272 
Hunter F.3           WB188 
Provost T.1          WV499/P3 
BE.2c                6232/BAPC-41  replica 
Skeeter AOP.12       XN341 
Camel                D3419/BAPC-59  replica 
Spitfire Vb          BL614/ZD:F 
Spitfire IX          MK356/21:V 
Watkins Monoplane    BAPC-47 

Britannia  C.1       XM490, XM517 
Britannia  C.2       XN404 

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