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Coltishall 1998

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Date: 2 October 1998

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Harrier GR.7, RAF
Although the numerous Jaguars were the main attraction of the day, some demonstrations of other aircraft could also be seen at Coltishall. For example this Harrier GR.7 of 20(R)Sqn (ZD404/33).

Photo Gary Parsons

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XP703               Lightning               cockpit 
XS889/E             Lightning               forward fuselage 
XX744               Jag                     (no wings or fin)   ex 31 Sqn 
XZ382/AE            Jag 
XX109/US            Jag                     (WLT, I think) 
XX835/FY            Jag T 

AMF Hangar 
XX970/EH            Jag                     6 Sqn 
XX745/D             Jag                     16 Sqn 
XX832/Z             Jag T                     " 
XX144/U             Jag T                     " 
XX767/GE            Jag                     54Sqn 
XX723               Jag                     SAOEU 
XX737               Jag                     no mks 

(XX841)/ES          Jag T                   6 Sqn 
(XX748)/GK          Jag                     54 Sqn 
XZ360               Jag                     no mks 

By 41 sqn hangar 
XZ363/FO            Jag                     41 Sqn 

On Pan 
XX112/EA            Jag                     6 Sqn 
XZ117/EB            Jag                     41 Sqn 
XZ377/EG            Jag                     6 sqn 
XZ396/EM            Jag                     6 Sqn   (spcl 25th ann. mks) 
XZ391/A             Jag                     16 Sqn 
XZ385/C             Jag                     16 Sqn 
XX846/V             Jag T                   16 Sqn 
XZ113/FD            Jag                     41 sqn 
XZ357/FK            Jag                     41 Sqn 
XZ106/FR            Jag                     41 Sqn  (2 Sqn mks) 
XZ366/FS            Jag                     41 Sqn 
XZ112/GA            Jag                     54 Sqn 
XX974/GH            Jag                     54 Sqn  (17 Sqn mks) 
XX725/GU            Jag                     54 Sqn  (20 Sqn mks) 
ZG502/73            Harrier Gr.7            1 Sqn 
ZD404/33            Harrier Gr.7            20 Sqn 
XM378               Jet Provost T3          civil 
E-602               F-16A                   Esk 730 
E7/7-PL             Jag E                   EC 02.007 
E28/7-PS            Jag E                   EC 02.007 
E30/7-PK            Jag E                   EC 02.007 

On Other Pan (but they all moved around) 
XZ369/EF            Jag                     6 Sqn 
XX845/ET            Jag T                   6 Sqn 
XX842/X             Jag T                   16 Sqn 
XZ361/FT            Jag                     41 Sqn 
XX720/GB            Jag                     54 Sqn 
XZ111/GO            Jag                     54 Sqn 
XZ400/GR            Jag                     54 Sqn 
XX146/GT            Jag T                   54 Sqn  (14 Sqn mks) 
XX829               Jag T                   no mks 
ZD748/AK            Tornado GR.1            9 Sqn 
ZD707/CH            Tornado Gr.1            17 Sqn 
XX198/198           Hawk T.1                19 Sqn fin badge/208 Sqn nose flash 
ZF492               Tucano T.1              1 FTS 
XX657/U             Bulldog                 CUAS 
XM365               Jet Provost T3          civil 
ET-614              F-16B                   Esk727 
MM7181/3-07         AMX                     3 St 
MM55037/3-27        AMX-T                   3 St 
J-631               F-16A                   306 Sqn 
I missed one more Jag (in the detuner) 

On Field 
XG254               Hunter FGA.9 
XX733               Jaguar                  wreck 

V7467               Hurricane replica 
XM172               Lightning 

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