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Cottesmore 1965

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Date: 18 September 1965

Made by: Ian Dennis Old


Argosy C.1 		XN854 'F'	242 OCU
Beverley C.1 		XL131 'L'	47 Sqn.
HP.115 			XP841		RAE Bedford
Hunter FR.10 		XF459 'F'	2 Sqn.
Hunter T.7A 		XL611		A&AEE
Javelin FAW.8 		XH983		fire training
Lightning F.1A 		XM189		145 Sqn./226 OCU
Lightning F.1A 		XM213		145 Sqn./226 OCU
Lightning T.4 		XM970		145 Sqn./226 OCU
Lightning T.4 		XM994		145 Sqn./226 OCU
Meteor NF.11(mod) 	WD686		RAE Bedford
Meteor F.8 		WK654 'X'	85 Sqn.
Pembroke C.1 		XL929		SCS
Jet Provost T.1 	XD674		71 MU
Jet Provost T.3 	XM403 '22'	1 FTS
Jet Provost T.3 	XN501 '28'	1 FTS
Jet Provost T.4  	XP580 '34'	SoRF/CAW
Jet Provost T.4  	XR679 '21'	SoRF/CAW
Jet Provost T.4  	XR704 '28'	SoRF/CAW
Jet Provost T.4  	XR705 '29'	SoRF/CAW
Jet Provost T.4  	XS213 '16'	SoRF/CAW
Shackleton MR.2C 	WL754 'F'	42 Sqn.
Shackleton MR.3/3 	WR975 'S'	206 Sqn.
Spitfire F.24 		PK724		Gaydon
Valetta C.1 		WJ491		A&AEE
Varsity T.1 		WJ940 'Q'	115 Sqn.
Victor B(K.)1A 		XH620		55 Sqn.
Victor B.2R 		XL231		Wittering Wing
Sea Vixen FAW.2 	XS583 'VL-723'	766 Sqn.
Vulcan B.2 		XH560		Cottesmore Wing
Vulcan B.2 		XH562         	Cottesmore Wing
Vulcan B.2 		XJ825		Cottesmore Wing
Vulcan B.2 		XM608		Cottesmore Wing
Vulcan B.2 		XM611		Cottesmore Wing
Vulcan B.2 		XM646		Cottesmore Wing
Vulcan B.2 		XM652		Cottesmore Wing
Vulcan B.2 		XM655		Cottesmore Wing
Vulcan B.2 		XM657		Cottesmore Wing
Whirlwind HAS.7 	XL853 '19'	Yeovilton SF
RB-66B 			53-0449		1st TRS/10th TRW, USAF
F-100D 			56-3313		48th TFW, USAF
F-104G 			FX78		31 Smal./10 Wing, BLu
Alouette II SA.318C 	345		unit unknown, ALAT
Me 163B-1a 		191659		Cranfield
Me 26A-2a 		112372		Gaydon Collection

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