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Fairford 2008

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Date: 12/13 July 2008

Made by: Scramble


8T-CB 			C-130K 		4.Trans.Staf.
FB18 			F-16BM 		349sm spec. c/s
2807 			C-105A 		1°/9°GAv
2470 			C-130M 		1°/1°GT
140120 			CP-140A 	404 Maritime Patr. Sqn
995 			C-130H 		Grupo 10
2507	 		An-26 		241.dsl spec.c/s
6067 			L-159T1
9819 			JAS39D
C-080 			CL-604 		Esk 721
E-074 			F-16AM 		Esk 730
ET-615 			F-16BM 		Esk 730
518 			Mirage F1B 	GC01.030 spec.c/s
129 			Falcon 10MER 	57F
36 			Falcon 50SURMAR 24F
51 			N262E 		28F (tiger mks)
136/ABR 		TBM700B 	EAAT 'Reykjavik'
10+27 			A310-304MRTT 	FBS BMVg         
43+50                   Tornado IDS 	AG51              
50+94                   C-160D 		LTG63                  
71+19                   UH-1D 		LTG62 (LTG63 mks)       
84+39                   CH-53G 		MTHR15                 
87+66                   Bo105P1 	KHR36                 
89+64                   Sea King Mk41 	MFG5 special c/s
7487 			RF-4E 		348 MTA special c/s
10 			MiG-29B 	MH 59. Sz.D. R
406 			An-26 		MH 59. Sz.D. R
CSX619 			Aermacchi M311 	Aermacchi
MM7157/32-06 		AMX 		13°Gruppo spec.c/s
MM7180/32-20 		AMX 		13°Gruppo spec.c/s
MM62176/46-41 		KC-130J 	311°Gruppo RSV
MM55077/61-145 		MB339CD 	212°Gruppo
MM55085/61-155 		MB339CD 	212°Gruppo
MM7006/6-31 		Tornado IDS 	102°Gruppo spec.c/s
346 			C-130H 		3sq special c/s
J-014 			F-16AM 		313sq
J-021 			F-16AM 		312sq
J-876 			F-16AM 		322sq special c/s
J-881 			F-16AM 		323sq
U-06 			Fokker 50 	334sq
284 			F-16AM 		332 Skv
711 			F-16BM 		331 Skv
551 			BAC111-485GB 	4sq
81 [c/n 5825] 		P-3CII.75 	28sq special c/s
16803 			C-130H 		Esq501
39802 			JAS39B 		SAAB/ETPS
85-0074/DY 		B-1B 		28th BS
60-0021 		B-52H 		11th BS
99-0064 		C-17A 		7th AS
84-0109 		C-21A 		76th AS
64-14863/FT 		HC-130P 	71st RQS
69-5824 		HC-130P 	39th RQS       
69-5832                 MC-130P 	67th SOS       
74-1669                 C-130H 		39th AS         
82-0193                 KC-10A 		79th ARS        
88-1803                 MC-130H 	7th SOS        
05-8157                 C-130J-30 	815th AS AFRC
58-0086                 KC-135R 	351st ARS      
59-1495                 KC-135R 	173rd ARS      
91-0306/LN 		F-15E 		494th FS
91-0332/LN 		F-15E 		492nd FS
87-0350/AV, 89-2038/AV 	F-16CG 		555th FS
95-0063/RA 		T-1A 		99th FTS
73-1150/RA 		T-43A 		562nd FS
ZR322 			A109E 		32(TR)sq    
XR379                   Alouette AH2 	AACHF
ZJ646                   Alpha Jet 	QinetiQ 
ZK451/K 		Beech B200 	45(R)sq
XP820 			Beaver AL1 	AACHF
ZZ172 			C-17A 		99sq
XS727/D 		Dominie T1 	55(R)Sq
XZ327 			Gazelle AH1 	Direc. Army Aviaton
ZJ703/spades 		Griffin HAR2 	60(R)Sq
XX184/19 		Hawk T1 	19(R)sq special c/s
ZK123/A3482 (Indian AF) Hawk MK132 	BAE Warton
ZD328/09 		Harrier GR9 	41(R)sq
XV294/294 		Hercules C3 	LTW
XX481/CU-560 		Jetstream T2 	750sq special mks
ZG844 			Islander AL1 	9Regt
ZD261                   Lynx HMA8DAS 	815sq
ZD284                   Lynx AH7 	9Regt    
ZG886                   Lynx AH9 	9Regt    
ZH846/00 		Merlin HM1 	829sq
ZJ132/Q 		Merlin HC3 	28sq
XV236/36 		Nimrod MR2 	Kinloss Wing
ZJ957 			Puma HC1 	33sq
ZJ690 			Sentinel R1 	5sq
ZH101/01 		Sentry AEW1 	8/23/54(R)sq
XL812 			Skeeter AOP12 	AACHF(G-SARO)
ZJ268/68 		Squirrel HT1 	DHFS
ZA400/011 		Tornado GR4 	14sq
ZA447 			Tornado GR4 	41(R)sq
ZA458/024 		Tornado GR4 	15(R)sq (31sq mks)
ZA592/059 		Tornado GR4 	13sq
ZE734/JU 		Tornado F3 	111 Squadron
ZF135/135, ZF374/374 	Tucano T1 	1 FTS
ZJ937/QO-W 		Typhoon F2 	3sq
ZJ919/DC 		Typhoon F2 	11sq
XV101/S 		VC-10 C1K 	101sq
ZH265/UX, ZH268/SA 	Vigilant T1 	612 VGS
ZJ967/SM 		Vigilant T1 	612 VGS
ZE529/VR, ZE601/XA 	Viking TX1 	621 VGS
G-BBRV 			Chipmunk T10 	ex RAF WD347             
G-BVEZ                  Jet Provost T3A ex RAF XM479          
G-BWEB                  Jet Provost T5 	ex RAF XW422           
G-BWSG                  Jet Provost T5 	ex RAF XW324           
G-BXFI                  Hunter T7 	ex RAF WC327                
G-BXKF                  Hunter T7 	ex RAF XL577                
G-BZSF                  Hunter T8B 	ex RAF XF995               
G-DISA                  Bulldog Mk125 	Br.Disabled Flying Asso.
G-FLYY                  Strikemaster 	Whitehouse Ret. Gr.      
G-FFOX                  Hunter T7A 	ex RAF WV318               
G-HUPW                  Hurricane 1A 	ex RAF R4118             
G-MKXI                  Spitfire PrXI 	ex RAF PL965           
G-MOUR "XR991" 		Gnat T1 	ex RAF XS102
G-VTII 			Vampire T11 	ex RAF WZ507
HB-HZC 			PC-21 		Pilatus Aircraft
N725FD 			A300B4-622RF 	Federal Express
VP-FBL 			Twin Otter 310 	Brit. Antarctic Survey

RS-05 			Sea King Mk48 	40sm special c/s
FA-101/FS 		F-16AM 		1sm
FA131 			F-16AM 		1sm demo c/s
188703 			CF-188 		425sq special c/s
188788 			CF-188 		425sq
9242 			JAS39C
7355 			Mi-24V 		231.vrl
R158/61-ZX 		C-160R 		ET 00.061
MM62244 		Falcon 900EX 	93°Gruppo TS
J-055 			F-16AM 		313sq demo c/s
J-642 			F-16AM 		313sq
69-033 			C-160D 		221Filo special c/s
86-0103/DY 		B-1B 		28th BS
60-0045/BD 		B-52H 		93rd BS
82-0193 		KC-10A 		79th ARS
94-1569 		C-38A 		201st AS
03-4101/FF 		F-22A 		'1st FW'
04-4082/FF 		F-22A 		'192nd FW'
05-4094/FF 		F-22A 		'94th FS'
166658/AD-216 		F/A-18F 	VFA-106
ZJ220 			Apache AH1 	673(AHTU)sq/2Rgt
ZK453/M 		Beech B200 	45(R)sq
ZH891/HF 		Chinook HC2 	18/27sq
XX174/174 		Hawk T1 	208(R)sq
XX194, XX284/CA 	Hawk T1A 	100sq
XX198/198, XX301/301 	Hawk T1A 	FRADU
XX303 			Hawk T1A	FRADU
XX325/325 		Hawk T1A 	208(R)sq
LF363/YB-W 		Hurricane IIc 	BoBMF
PA474/HW-R 		Lancaster B.1 	BoBMF
ZH839 			Merlin HM1 	824sq
ZH107/07 		Sentry AEW1 	8/23/54(R)sq
PS915 			Spitfire PR.XIX BoBMF
ZE764/GL, ZE810/GG 	Tornado F3 	43sq
ZE788/HV 		Tornado F3 	111sq special mks
ZF210/210, ZF338 	Tucano T1 	1FTS
ZH910/BV, ZJ911/BZ 	Typhoon F2 	29(R)sqn
G-BYXM, G-BYXN 		G115E Tutor 	CFS Elementary sq
G-FRAT, G-FRBA 		Falcon 20 	FRADU
G-HHAC 			Hunter F58 	ex Swiss J-4021

The T-27 Tucanos of EDA Fumaça:
1308/1, 1371/1, 1307/2, 1435/3, 1394/4, 1360/5,
1327/6, 1326/7

Chile’s Los Halcones with the Extra 300L:
149/1, 145/2, 147/3, 132/4, 146/5

The Alpha Jets of Patrouille de France:
E114/0, E95/1, E135/2, E31/3, E122/4, E94/5, E158/6, E163/7,
E130/8, E41/9

India’s Sarang Helicopter Display Team HAL Dhruvs:
J4043, J4049, J4050, J4063, J4042

The Asas de Portugal/Esq103 with the Alpha Jet:
15220, 15225, 15227, 15250

The Patrouille Suisse with the F-5E:
J-3081, J-3082, J-3085, J-3086, J-3087, J-3088, J-3090

The NF-5s of the Turkish Stars:
70-3013, 70-3015, 70-3016, 70-3027, 70-3036,
70-3042, 71-3055 (all NF-5A)
69-4005, 71-4017 (both NF-5B)

The Hawks of the Red Arrows:
XX233, XX237, XX242, XX294, XX308 (Hawk T1)
XX227, XX352, XX260, XX266, XX306 (Hawk T1A)

The Breitling team with their L-39Cs:
ES-YLX/1, ES-YLS/2, ES-TLC/3 , ES-YLR/4,

The Extra 300s of the Royal Jordanian Falcons:

Probably the most discussed edition of the Royal International
Air Tattoo ever, since a period of heavy rain in the week prior to
the show flooded the airfield and surrounding carparks. Therefore
the organisation cancelled both showdays in the weekend.
A real disappointment for all people involved in the organisation
as well as those thousands intending to visit the air show.
Despite the bad weather, people visiting the arrival/departure
days still had the opportunity to see the participants. Highlights
of this year were the Brazilian C-105 (Casa 295) and T-27
Tucanos of EDA Fumaça as well as the appearance of the Pakistani
P-3C Orion, which was decorated with a nicely painted
tail. Also the appearance of the first F-22 Raptors were a real
treat, especially the demo rehearsal at Friday. On that same
day the Royal Air Force celebrated its 90th Anniversary with
a fly past of 90 aircraft for HM the Queen that visited Fairford.

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