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Bentwaters 1973

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Date: 26 May 1973

Made by: Graham Court


66-7956		C-141A			436MAW       
64-0765	WR	F-4C	                81TFW        
65-0738	WR	F-4D	                81TFW        
62-4474		T-39A	                513TAW       
XV348		Buccaneer S.2	        12SQ         
XM139		Lightning F.1A	        Wattisham TFF
24+60		F-104G		        JbG34        
33+15		Fiat G.91R	        LeKg42       
Flight Line:                                  
150690		KC-130F		        Blue Angels  
153072	1	F-4J	                Blue Angels  
153081	2	F-4J	                Blue Angels  
153084	3	F-4J	                Blue Angels  
153829	4	F-4J	                Blue Angels  
153876	5	F-4J	                Blue Angels  
153076	6	F-4J	                Blue Angels  
WD353	31	Chipmunk T.10	        2FTS         
XV215		Hercules C.1	        LTW          
XG185	74	Hunter F.6	        4FTS         
XW288	81	Jet Provost T.5	        CFS          
XW292	85	Jet Provost T.5	        CFS          
XW293	86	Jet Provost T.5	        CFS          
XW295	88	Jet Provost T.5	        CFS          
PA474		Lancaster B.I	        BoBMF        
XM177		Lightning F.1A	        Wattisham TFF
XH304		Vampire T.11	        CFS          
XL360		Vulcan B.2	        230OCU       
XT134		Sioux AH.1	        Blue Eagles  
XT193		Sioux AH.1	        Blue Eagles  
XT206		Sioux AH.1	        Blue Eagles  
XT511		Sioux AH.1	        Blue Eagles  
XW192		Sioux AH.1	        Blue Eagles  
FX45		F-104G	                             
FX54		F-104G	                             
FX72		F-104G	                             
104749		CF-104		        439SQ        
104829		CF-104		        439SQ        
32+60		Fiat G.91R	        LeKg42       
K-4024		NF-5B		        316SQ        
63-7482	WR	F-4C		        81TFW        
63-7542	WR	F-4C	                81TFW        
63-7582	WR	F-4C	                81TFW        
63-7637	WR	F-4C	                81TFW        
63-7646	WR	F-4C	                81TFW        
64-0789	WR	F-4C	                81TFW        
64-0841	WR	F-4C	                81TFW        
64-0852	WR	F-4C	                81TFW        
64-0905	WR	F-4C	                81TFW        
64-0912	WR	F-4C	                81TFW        
136753		C-1A	                Mildenhall   
XR367		Belfast C.1	        53SQ         
WJ896	H	Varsity T.1	        AAITS        

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