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Bournemouth-Hurn 1988

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Date: 5 June 1988

Made by: Paul Tiller


12			Alize			Fr N
65			Br1150 Atlantic		Fr N
17			Etendard		Fr N
109			Etendard IVP		Fr N
129			Falcon 20		Fr N
40+07			Alpha Jet		WGAF
40+40			Alpha Jet		WGAF
43+26/G-76		Tornado		TTTE
50+61			C-160D			WGAF
59+18			Do28			WGAF
61+05			Br1150 Atlantic		WGN
84+98			CH-53G			HEER/WG Army
A-452			Alouette III		KLu/Gplv
B-45			BO 105CB		KLu/Gplv
281			SH-14 Lynx		MLD
300			P-3C			MLD
552			BAC 1-11		Oman AF
905			Skyvan			Oman AF
T12B.24/35-07		Casa 212		Edla
TE12B.40/79-93		Casa 212		Edla
E25-25/79-25		Casa 101		Edla
E25-26/79-26		Casa 101		Edla
E25-06/79-06		Casa 101		Edla
E25-14/79-14		Casa 101		Edla
E25-22/79-22		Casa 101		Edla
E25-24/79-24		Casa 101		Edla
E25-08/79-08		Casa 101		Edla
E25-07/79-07		Casa 101		Edla
XR244			Auster AOP.9		AAC Historic Flt
XX919			BAC 1-11		ETPS
XP820			Beaver AC.1		AAC Historic Flt
XX701			Bulldog T.1		RAF
XX708/3			Bulldog T.1		RAF
WJ680/CT		Canberra		RAF
WJ992			Canberra		RAF
ZD980/FJ		Chinook HC.1		RAF
WD373			Chipmunk		RAF
WG430			Chipmunk		RAF
WK630			Chipmunk		RAF
WP840/9			Chipmunk		RAF
WP920			Chipmunk		RAF
VP955			Devon CC.1		RAF
XS713/L			Dominie T.1		RAF
XW858/C			Gazelle CC.3		RAF
XZ332/O			Gazelle AH.1		AAC
ZA737/V			Gazelle AH.1		AAC
XV744/O			Harrier GR.3		RAF
XX156			Hawk T.1		RAF
XX227			Hawk T.1		Red Arrows
XX237			Hawk T.1		Red Arrows
XX253			Hawk T.1		Red Arrows
XX260			Hawk T.1		Red Arrows
XX264			Hawk T.1		Red Arrows
XX266			Hawk T.1		Red Arrows
XX283/Z			Hawk T.1		RAF
XX294			Hawk T.1		Red Arrows
XX304			Hawk T.1		Red Arrows
XX306			Hawk T.1		Red Arrows
XX308			Hawk T.1		Red Arrows
XX310			Hawk T.1		RAF
XX325/X			Hawk T.1		RAF
XV293			C-130			RAF
XE601			Hunter			RAF
XE689			Hunter			RAF
XL586			Hunter			RAF
XL598			Hunter			RN
XL613			Hunter			RAF
WV256			Hunter			RN
XX833/Z			Jaguar			RAF
XN595/82		Jet Provost		RAF
XW323			Jet Provost		RAF
XW374			Jet Provost		RAF
XW415/53		Jet Provost 		RAF
XZ235			Lynx			RN
ZD279/L			Lynx AH.1		AAC
XV476/S			Phantom		RAF
XT131			Sioux AH.1		AAC Historic Flt
XT646/Z			Scout AH.1		AAC Historic Flt
XV127			Scout AH.1		AAC
XV140/K			Scout			AAC
XZ455/712		Sea Harrier FRS.1	RN
XZ499/715		Sea Harrier FRS.1	RN
XV665/06		Sea King		RN
XL814			Skeeter AH.1		AAC Historic Flt
ZA141/B			VC10 K.2		RAF
XL231			Victor K.1		RAF
60-0981/OK		A-7			USAF/Oklahoma ANG
80-0143/WR		A-10A			USAF
61-0882			C-9A			USAF
84-0164			C-12			USAF
64-0523			MC-130E		USAF
63-8090			C-141B			USAF
96611			UH-1H			USAF
80-1092			TR-1A			USAF
23374			RC-12			US Army
23539			AH-1			US Army
15003			AH-1			US Army
15772			UH-1			US Army
15279			OH-58			US Army
16215			OH-58			US Army
25902			RV-1			US Army
14246			RV-1			US Army
QA12			Hunter			ex Qatar AF
QA10			Hunter			ex Qatar AF
386			Hunter			ex Klu
XL621/G-BNCX		Hunter
G-BOOM			Hunter
G-GONE			Vampire

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