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Greenham Common 1973

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Date: 7/8 July 1973

Made by:

Updated: 2 January 2011

Static Display: 
Gannet AEW.3             XL502/041-R                      849 Sqn 
Harvard                  KF183                            A&AEE 
Beaver AL.1              XV268                            AAC 
US-2N Tracker            151/V                            MLD 5 Sqn 
C-141A                   40610                            436 MAW 
C-141A                   60134                            437 MAW 
Cessna F177RG            G-AYSY, G-AZVP 
Cessna 310Q              G-BAXH 
Cessna 340               N7775Q 
Cessna 182P              G-AZRT 
HS.748                   G-AVXI 
T-29B                    17892                            513 TAW 
C-9A                     10881                            322 TAW 
P-3A                     156518/LQ-1                      VP-56 
Do-28D Skyservant        58+62                            JBG-36 
Atlantic                 66 (F-XCXC)                      24F 
Vulcan B.1               XA893 (Nose Only) 
Dominie T.1              XS728/E                          6 FTS 
Flying Flea              G-AEGV 
SP-2H Neptune            218/V                            MLD 320 Sqn 
Sea Vixen FAW.1          XJ572                            RNAY Sydenham 
Seaking HAS.1            XV697/593-CU                     706 Sqn 
Whirlwind HAR.10         XJ435                            32 Sqn 
F-104G                   26+55                            MFG-2 
Twin Pioneer             XT610                            ETPS 
F-4D                     66-413/AR                        10 TRW 
Hunter GA.11             WV256/732-VL                     FRADTU 
OV-1D Mohawk             69-17002, 69-17014               MIU/US Army 
Wessex HU.5              XT475/WN-VL                      707 Sqn 
CF-104G                  104795                           CAF/ 421 Sqn 

Flying Display: 
Skyvan                   G-AXWU 
T-33A                    94+99                            WS-10 
G-91R                    31+79, 32+57                     Lekg 41 
Hunter F.6               XE608/32                         229 OCU 
CF-104G                  104776, 105714, 104720           CAF/ 421 Sqn 
                         104827, 104842                   CAF/ 421 Sqn 
Puma HC.1                XW208/CE                         33 Sqn 
HS.125                   G-AVDX 
Swordfish                LS326/5A                         FAAHF 
Sea Fury FB.II           TF956/123                        FAAHF 
F-8E(FN)                 1                                14 F 
Etendard IVP             103                              16 F 
RF-4C                    41029/AR, 41060/AR, 41003/AR     10 TRW 
F-104G                   24+72, 26+03                     JBG-32 
KC-97L                   0-20905                          126 ARS/ Wisconsin ANG 
Wasp HAS.1               XS572/464                        829 Sqn 
Atlantic                 61+07                            MFG-3 
NF-5B                    K-4005                           KLu 315 Sqn 
Nimrod Mr.1              XV259                            42 Sqn 
CH-54A                   68-18455                         295 Av Co 
CH-47A                   66-19009                         US Army 
AH-1B                    70-16003                         60 Av Co 
UH-1D                    66-61134                         60 Av Co 
OH-58A                   71-20449                         60 Av Co 
VC-10 C.1                XV106                            10 Sqn 
Dominie T.1              XS728/E                          6 FTS 
Meteor T.7               WA669                            Vintage Pair 
Vampire T.11             XH304                            Vintage Pair 
Vulcan B.1               XH557                            50 Sqn 
F-111E                   800031/UH                        20 TFW 
RF-4E                    35+36, 35+79                     AKG-52 
SP-2H Neptune            147562                           25F 
Gnat T.1                 XS104/44                         4 FTS 
Lightning F.3            XR716                            226 OCU 
F-104G                   26+87, 26+55                     MFG-2 
Harrier GR.1             XV762, XW922                     233 OCU 
Jet Provost T.5          XW406/48,XW407/50,XW324/38       Gemini Pair 3 FTS 
Lightning F.3            XP707                            226 OCU (Spare a/c) 
Googyear Airship         N2A                              (8th Only) 
Lancaster B1		 PA474				  BoBMF (7th)
Spitfire		 nn				  BoBMF (7th)
Hurricane		 nn				  BoBMF (7th)

Other A/C Noted: 
Dakota                   G-AGJV                           Air Anglia 
Jet Ranger               G-AWGU, G-AWJW, G-AXAY 
C-160D Transall		 50+53				  visitor 7th?
Hunter 			 XG160				  RAF
Scout			 XT624				  Army

Visitors 7th: 
Diplomate                G-AZIB 
Aircoupe                 G-ARHF 
Cessna 150D              G-AWAX 
Rallye Club              G-AXAK 
Cherokee 140             G-AYWE, G-BAGX 
Pup 2                    G-AXJN 
Dove                     G-APSK 
CP-301B Emeraude         G-AXXC 

Visitors 8th: 
J/1 Autocrat             G-AHAV 
Proctor I                G-AIWA 
Cessna 172E              G-ASSS 
Cessna 182K              G-AVGY 
Cherokee six 300         G-AVUZ 
Cherokee 180             G-BAAO 
Cherokee Arrow 200B      G-AZWZ 
Cessna F150H             G-AWUI 
Rallye Commodore         G-AZYX 
Rallye Club              G-BAOD 
Cessna 150L              G-BAIO 
Cessna 172M              G-BAOS 
Cessna 340               G-AZRB 

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