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Lowestoft 2000

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Date: 3/4 August 2000

Made by: Adrian Hairsine, Kevin Hall, Roger Smith

Updated: 13 February 2001

Thursday 3rd August:
Cessna F.406 	   G-MAFB 	MAFF/Fairflight       
Tornado GR.1 	   ZA355/TAA 	15(R)Sqn
Harrier GR.7 	   ZG859/91 	20(R)Sqn               
Pilatus PC.7 	   F-GMED/2 	Team Apache           
Pilatus PC.7 	   F-GMEE/1 	Team Apache           
Yak-50		   G-BWFM 	Vikings               
Yak-50		   G-VLAD 	Vikings               
Spitfire T.9 	   ML407/OU-V 	G-LFIX Carolyn Grace  
Lancaster I 	   PA474/QR-M 	BBMF                  
Hurricane IIc 	   PZ865/Q 	BBMF                  
Spitfire Mk.Vb 	   AB910/ZD-C 	BBMF                  
Dakota C.3 	   ZA947/YS-H 	BBMF                  
CM170 		   MT-14 	33 Sm/1 Wing          
B. Stearman 	   N5057V 	Utterly Butterly      
B. Stearman 	   N707TJ 	Utterly Butterly      
Jaguar GR.3 	   XX752/D 	16(R)Sqn               
Sea King HAR.3A    ZH541 	22 Sqn B Flt          
A-26B Invader 	   N167B 	434602/S Swedish HF   
P-51D Mustang 	   N167F 	473877/E2-D Swedish HF
Vampire FB.6 	   SE-DXY 	28693/G Swedish HF    
Squirrel HT.1 	   ZJ278 	DHFS                  
9x Hawk T.1 of the Red Arrows

Friday 4th Aug - Additions to day one only:
Squirrel HT.1 	   ZJ278 	DHFS
F8F-2P Bearcat 	   121714/201-B G-RUMM TFC               
F6F Hellcat 	   40467/19 	G-BTCC TFC                   
Swordfish II 	   W5856/A2A 	RNHF                          
Extra 300L 	   G-MIII 	Firebird Aerobatics              
B-25D Mitchell 	   KL161/VO-B 	G-BYDR TFC
Jaguar GR.3 	   XX752/D 	16(R)Sqn
Meteor NF.11 	   WM167 	G-LOSM
Tornado GR.1 	   ZA613 	15(R)Sqn spec. mks
Blenheim IV 	   R3821/NU-X 	G-BPIV Aircraft Restoration
Hunter F.58 	   SE-DXA 	34668/G SHF        
Pitts S.2 Special  G-WILD
Jet Provost T.3A   XM365/G-BXBH Flight Academy
Cessna 207 	   G-NJAG 	Prince of Wales Royal Regiment Parachutists
9x Hawk T.1(A) of the Red Arrows in from Coltishall and dep to Cranwell.

Additional aircraft for the show noted at Norwich Airport were:
Hercules  C.1  	   XV295  	LTW
Harrier GR.7	   ZD375/23	20(R)Sqn

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